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Showing the humans who the boss is
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Showing the humans who the boss is

Happy Monday!

Let me tell you about a group of cats in beautiful British Columbia that are doing their part to alleviate increased levels of pandemic anxiety for stressed-out folks all over the world.

Max, George and Lando are a multi-coloured trio of lovable, furry hairballs that share a home on Vancouver Island with their devoted "cat servants," Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves,

A couple of months ago, the pair of cat owners ordered a Vitamix blender from an Ohio-based company and, when the small appliance arrived on their doorstep, the four-legged threesome took an unusual interest in the appliance’s corrugated container

At first, it was Max (Sentient Soccer Ball), the couple’s black and white furball, that claimed dominance on top of the knee-high box, which was set on the couple’s kitchen floor.


Afterward, Lando (Sentient Dust Bunny) and his domesticated brother, George (Sentient Potato) scrimmaged for stature as "king of the castle" atop the box.



And, today, more than 40 days later, the cats are still there, battling for position on the unopened Vitamix blender box.

Since the couple began documenting the standoff, capturing on camera the cats’ "illegal occupation of the Vitamix," their hilarious Facebook group has garnered more than 50,000 followers.

The ongoing saga, now known widely on social media as The Great Vitamix Incident of 2021 and/or Appliancegate, has amassed thousands of comments, some of which attempt to make sense of the cats’ peculiar behaviour.



“Some commenters have suggested they are trying to protect us because there is something sinister in the box,” says cat lover Nikii Gerson-Neeves, who is still unsure of what might have peaked her cats’ unstoppable fixation with the Vitamix container.

“It’s central, near where the treats are stored,” she surmises, adding it might also be a good vantage point to survey their domain.



On the Facebook page, there are countless theories on the continuous struggle for control but it appears most followers are there to simply enjoy the "claim for dominion" as it plays out online.


  • “Reading these updates is the only thing that’s keeping a smile on my face these days.”
  • “I’m sure you've already heard this a million times, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for this ongoing saga! It's truly the best way to start the day and such a welcome distraction from pandemic life!”


Nikki, 38, is thrilled with the global attention, especially the positive engagement and favourable responses in the posts.

“I never thought it would go viral,” she says. ”Cats go viral online all the time but you never expect it to be YOUR cat.”

She also admits that the enduring standoff has since evolved into a habit for the cats, who she says might sense that since humans pay attention to the box, it carries some importance.

They’re expecting "reinforcements in the form of a brand new Vitamix" from the blender manufacturer, who asked that they find a good home for the original one.

And Nikii suspects that once it arrives and they stop paying attention to their comings and goings, the cats will lose interest in the box.



Until then, Appliancegate continues to be a welcome distraction for human beings all over the globe.

“Oh absolutely. It's something to laugh about, and it's making a lot of people happy,” Nikki says. “That's pretty valuable at this point in time.”

Have a great week!

Leesa Dahl

Leesa Dahl

Ready Pet Go

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Even the most experienced veterinarian can get disturbed when observing the excruciating pain caused by pets that are exposed to the Arctic chill too long.

"I just saw a cat the other day that had frostbite affecting all four paw pads and its ear tips," says Dr. Jonas Watson of the Grant Park Animal Hospital. Pets’ ears and paws are especially susceptible to frostbite. Read more about it here.

Bidens welcome cat named Willow to White House

Welcome, Willow, to a long line of presidential pets.

U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have added a green-eyed tabby from Pennsylvania to the White House family, the first feline tenant since former president George W. Bush's controversially named cat India. Read more about the varied line of White House pets here.

Willow, the Biden family’s new pet cat, wanders around the White House on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. (Erin Scott / The White House / The Associated Press files)

Pets of the week



We don’t get much snow here on Vancouver Island but we awoke to a wonderfully white Christmas.

Sadie, a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle), ever so much prefers the snow to rain… too bad for her we get way more rain than snow here but while the snow covers our ground, Sadie is one happy 11-year-old puppy.

The snow sticks to Sadie’s fur like velcro cotton balls, requiring a tepid shower above her boot line to removed the many white snow baubles.

— Jennifer Fleming

Candace and Luna


Candace and Luna are two-and-a-half year old friends who love to snuggle and be cosy.

— January

Looking for a home

Matty has been in the care of Spirit of Hope Rescue since he was 12 weeks old. He was adopted once, but returned because he was too much for first-time dog owners.


Matty is an alpha male dog that needs experienced owners that understand his breed and needs. This handsome boy would love to find his forever home. Read more about Matty here

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