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A union to celebrate
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A union to celebrate

Happy National Pet Day!

Among the serums, sprays, and other fancy hair products that line my hairdresser’s vanity, sits a small book entitled Pups.

A page from ’Pups’. (Supplied)

Inside, on the dozen or so pages that make up the book, are black and white photographs of Carrie’s beloved dogs: a four-year-old Chihuahua/pug cross named Lola and an 18-year-old Lhasa apso/Pekingese mix she likes to call Tuggs.

Another page from ’Pups’. (Supplied)

Tuggs. (Supplied)

More than anything, Pups is a keepsake. It was a Mother’s Day gift given to Carrie by her 21-year-old daughter, Alexis, a talented makeup artist who wanted to celebrate their dogs’ union, a bonding of sorts that took place nearly three years ago.

Back then, I remember the day at Magic Scissors on Munroe Avenue, when Carrie announced to a roomful of wet-haired, foil-wrapped clientele that her female pooch, Lola, was pregnant.

“And Tuggs is the dad,” Carrie trumpeted.

My talented, brilliant stylist, to who I have remained faithful for more than 20 years, was shocked by her sweet pooch’s condition and later explained that the clandestine love affair between the four-legged housemates likely took place sometime in June.

Now, as one might expect when the, um, unavoidable occurs, a wedding, or some sort of ‘puptials,’ might have ensued. But for Lola and Tuggs, there was no fanfare. In fact, as their babies grew inside Lola’s womb, there was even less hullabaloo. Certainly not like the elaborate affair I read about in the New York Times in which a pair of Brussel Griffons tied the knot at a makeshift chapel in Dallas, Texas.

No, the uncomplicated expectant parents kept it simple, giving birth a couple of months later to a pair of healthy, female pups (Lola and Phoebe), who moved in with Alexis as soon as they were weaned.

One of the puppies. (Supplied)

Another puppy. (Supplied)

As for Carrie, she keeps her Mother’s Day gift, a touching memorandum of her dogs’ love affair on her shelf and close to her heart. It’s a reminder, she says, of the joy her pets have brought to her, her husband, Dave, and their son, David.

“Even though it was an unplanned pregnancy, it’s the happiest thing that could have happened for us as a family,” she says.

And on National Pet Day, or on any day of the year, Pups is a reminder to everyone who is lucky enough to flip through it.

Have a great week!

Leesa Dahl

Leesa Dahl

Ready Pet Go

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