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Kindness is medicine for the soul
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Kindness is medicine for the soul

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Just look at this weather!

As I write this, I am holed up at home, watching the blowing snow through my living-room window. It’s a good thing I wasn’t organized enough to pack away any of our winter attire, yet.

This week has been a bit of a challenge. After two years of trying to avoid it, my daughter tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday morning. She had a few sick days, but luckily her case was relatively mild, and she has since bounced back. Her rapid tests are now coming back negative.

When she tested positive, I knew it was only a matter of time before we all did. The first night she was feeling under the weather but concerned she would spread the virus to me and her dad. We have, after all, been drilling it into her head since 2020 that she needs to wear a mask, and that life doesn’t look or feel normal because we are trying hard not to get sick.

A few days later her dad tested positive, and then a few days after that it was my turn. So far, my bout with the virus has felt like a bad head cold, and his is like a cough. It’s unpleasant, but I am grateful it’s not worse. We are lucky.

If there’s one thing that has really stood out to me over the past week, it’s taking notice of how many people take time out of their days and life to offer to help, or simply check in. While we are not unique in having COVID-19 (so many people seem to have it right now) the outpouring of support from folks, either checking in to see if we’re feeling OK, asking if we need anything or relating their own experiences with the virus, has been nothing short of lovely.

Kindness is medicine for the soul.

I hope that you all stay safe and warm, and that you were able to snag some chips and storm snacks for the weekend.

If you celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. If you don’t, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Shelley Cook

Shelley Cook, Columnist

Shelley Cook


Tyler Searle wrote about several community organizations that are banding together to help Winnipeg’s homeless to ensure no one gets left out during this historic blizzard. It’s amazing to see so many people and organizations stepping up to help people and fill a need.

“We’re all preparing for Armageddon over here. That’s what it sounds like it may be,” said Marion Willis, executive director of St. Boniface Street Links. (Mikaela MacKenzie / Winnipeg Free Press)

Jen Zoratti had a lovely Zoom conversation with Canadian actors Alison Pill (The Newsroom) and Sarah Gadon (Alias Grace), who star as sisters in All My Puny Sorrows, writer-director Michael McGowan’s moving adaptation of Miriam Toews’ stunning semi-autobiographical 2014 novel of the same name. You can read the interview here.

Canadian actors Alison Pill, left, and Sarah Gadon have known each other since childhood. (AMPS Productions Inc.)



Last week, I wrote about Knowledge Keeper Melvin Swan. It was a real pleasure to sit down with Melvin and hear his story. While some of it is harrowing, and downright tragic, Swan is a warrior who has found peace in his life. After this story ran, artist Gerald Kuehl met up with Melvin Swan and his wife, Una, and will be drawing a portrait and doing a profile of him. I can’t wait to see it!

‘I’ve learned to forgive a lot. I’ve learned to forgive a lot and be able to live and keep voicing and using platforms to deliver,’ says Melvin Swan. (Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press)

A.V Kitching writes about DJ Burnt Bannock, an Indigenous series that has an ensemble cast including Darcy Waite, Paul Rabliauskas, Ivana Yellowback, Joy Keeper, Meegwun Fairbrother, Sarah Luby and GeNie Baffoe. The show was shot in Winnipeg and premiered on April 11 on APTN. Check out her piece here.

Paul Rabliauskas, left, as Alan, and Darcy Waite as DJ Kevin Cardinal in APTN’s latest comedic web series DJ Burnt Bannock. (Courtesy of Eagle Vision)

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