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Free Press Head Start for Jan. 24
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Free Press Head Start for Jan. 24

Good morning!

Assignment editor Adam Treusch is off today, and will return tomorrow.

Steve Shand, 47, who, following the discovery of a family who froze to death near the Canada-U.S. border, faces charges of transporting or attempting to transport illegal aliens and will appear by video today before a Minnesota judge for a detention and preliminary hearing.

Beginning today, the University of Manitoba will require all attendees on campus to be fully immunized against COVID-19.


— David Fuller

Top news

A Florida man is set to appear in U.S. court today, charged with sneaking migrants across the Canada-U.S. border in a perilous human-smuggling scheme that cost the lives of four people, including an infant. (John Woods / The Canadian Press files)

Rallying to help: Leaders in Manitoba's Gujarati community are devastated and baffled by the tragic deaths of a family of four, including a baby, who died trying to walk across the border into the U.S. in a -35 C blizzard last week. The community is ready to help relatives of the victims. Chris Kitchings reports. Read More

Cupboards bare: Women’s centres that provide resources to vulnerable people are struggling to keep food available to those in need as donations fall off after the holidays. Malak Abas reports. Read More

Tension with Russia: NATO has announced that it is beefing up its “deterrence” presence in the Baltic Sea area, putting extra forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe. As well, Ireland warned that new Russian war games off its coast were not welcome, considering tensions over the possibility President Vladimir Putin intends to attack Ukraine. The Associated Press reports. Read More





Your forecast: Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for today, with a low of -31 C and wind chills reaching -40 this morning. Read More


In case you missed it

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) looks to pass during the first half of an NFL divisional round playoff football game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. (Charlie Riedel / The Associated Press)

Flip of a coin: In a gripping showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills to determine which would advance in the Super Bowl playoffs, the lead changed hands until the game went into overtime, when, according to NFL rules for post-season games, a coin toss proved pivotal in the Chiefs' victory. The Associated Press reports. Read More

Omicron hitting arts scene: What looked like the promise of a rebound for Winnipeg's live performance and cultural institutions after shutdowns owing to COVID-19 has been put on hold as the Omicron wave forces delays and cancellations. Alan Small has the story. Read More


On this date

On Jan. 24, 1925: The Manitoba Free Press reported that premier John Bracken's government faced a barrage of attacks in the Manitoba legislature, as Conservative MLAs brought up past failures and unfulfilled election pledges when cabinet members made motions for the second readings of four bills. The board of the Old Folks' Home said charges to the City of Winnipeg for patients in the institution would be doubled, to protest the failure of the Federated Budget to meet demands at a meeting of the finance committee.


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