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Free Press Head Start for May 9
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Free Press Head Start for May 9

Good morning.

A vigil was held on the Slaw Rebchuk Bridge on Sunday evening after a man was found injured there on Friday night and later died. The death of Richard Contois, 31, is being investigated as a homicide.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, overseeing a Victory Day parade in Red Square, used the patriotic holiday to again justify his war in Ukraine. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Ukraine this weekend, as were U.S. first lady Jill Biden and Irish singer Bono of U2.

Conservative leadership candidate Jean Charest was in Brandon on Sunday.

— Adam Treusch, assignment editor

What’s happening today

A property on Turnbull Drive in the St. Norbert area on Sunday. (John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press)

More rain: About 20 mm to 30 mm of rain is expected to fall on southern Manitoba, where many communities are already dealing with flooding. Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement. "It certainly will worsen the flood scenario," Scott Kehler, president and chief scientist of Weatherlogics, said of two rainstorms forecast for this week. Chris Kitching reports. Read More

Premier on potholes: Premier Heather Stefanson, Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clarke and Mayor Brian Bowman will announce “support for road repairs” at a Manitoba Public Insurance damage centre this morning.

Flood financial help: Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk and Johanu Botha, the head of Manitoba’s Emergency Management Organization, will hold a news conference on spring flood disaster financial assistance at noon.

Picking new president: Residents of the Philippines are voting for a new president. The son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos led pre-election polls. Read More

Colorado can clinch: The Colorado Avalanche can become the first team to advance to the second round of the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs with a road win against the Nashville Predators in Game 4. Read More





Your daytime forecast: Mainly cloudy with showers beginning later this morning, a high of 14 C and peak winds from the northeast at 30 km/h gusting to 50. Read More


In case you missed it

Rich Strike won the 148th Kentucky Derby on Saturday. (Longines Images)

‘One of those special horses’: The horse that won the Kentucky Derby in a historic upset this weekend has a Manitoba connection. George Williams reports on how Rich Strike’s mother was born and raised here. Read More

Mixed messages: Dylan Robertson reports on how poor communication by the province is partly to blame for slow uptake on third doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Read More

‘Strategies are not working’: Carol Sanders reports on how advocates for safe drug-consumption sites are waiting for the provincial government to get on board. Read More

Going to Game 7: The Manitoba Junior Hockey League final is heading to Game 7 after the Dauphin Kings shut out the Steinbach Pistons on Sunday night. Read More

Construction continues: Work is about three-quarters complete on 22 small housing units behind Thunderbird House on Main Street. The project’s new name, Astum Api Niikinaahk, means “come sit at our home.” Joyanne Pursaga reports. Read More



Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod (The Canadian Press files)

‘They touched generations’: Shelley Cook’s latest column is on a push to get BodyBreak duo Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Read More

In favour of amendments: The latest Free Press editorial is on “a legislative initiative that will likely be welcomed by all consumers.” Read More


On this date

On May 9, 1930: The Manitoba Free Press reported that rioting in Sholapur, India, part of ongoing civil disobedience, led to three policemen and up to 25 demonstrators being killed. Errick F. Willis was unanimously chosen as the Conservative candidate for Souris for the upcoming federal election. A New York woman left $50,000 in her will to a Montreal doctor to fund a foundation for the study of epilepsy. Read More


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