It started off cold and ended up cold. In Winnipeg, you can pretty much say that about every year.

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This article was published 31/12/2014 (2407 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.


It started off cold and ended up cold. In Winnipeg, you can pretty much say that about every year.

But when the time comes to reflect upon 2014, you may not, in fact, remember everything that transpired between the frigid morning of Jan. 1 and this very frigid morning.

The following quiz will test your recollection of the period in between - and to a lesser extent, your patience for terrible puns.



1. Extreme cold in North America from Jan. 6-8 was blamed on the southern migration of the polar vortex. Which of the following consequences did not result from this meteorological phenomenon?

A) 88 per cent of the Great Lakes was eventually covered in ice.

B) The overnight low in Dallas, Texas was -9 C.

C) The state of New York closed some of its highways.

D) The Chicago Zoo kept its polar bear indoors.

E) Winnipeggers giggled hysterically and shouted "In your face, U.S.A.! Now you now how it feels!"


2. Mike O'Shea is named head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. How many coaches have the Bombers had since the last time they won the Grey Cup? When did that happen? And who was the coach then?


3. The Winnipeg Jets fire coach Claude Noel. Which of the following is not an actual Noel quote:

A) "We gave up some free pizzas in the middle of the ice."

B) "I thought to myself, 'Self, you're a sick man trying to make logic of this.' "

C) "I like winning more than I like losing."

D) "What do you want to say after a game after that? What do you want to do?"

E) "You talking to me? You talking to me?"


4. Which Manitoba-themed disco lyric best exemplifies the night of Jan. 26 - and why?

A) "It's fun to stay at Gretna's YMCA."

B) "Otterburne, baby, burn ... disco inferno."

C) "Billie St. Jean Baptiste is not my lover."

D) "She's a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take to Altona."

E) "We're gonna Dugald oogie oogie til you just can't Dugald no more."



5. Manganese is outed as the chemical culprit behind Winnipeg's brown water. True or false: All living things must ingest trace amounts of this element in order to survive.


6. Jennifer Jones becomes the first female curler to go undefeated at the Olympics when her Winnipeg team won gold in Sochi. Who is the only male curler to pull off the same feat - and where is he from?


7. Russia seizes the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine. Which of the following conquerers never controlled Crimea?

A) The Mongols B) The Ottomans C) The Nazis D) The Soviets



8. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappears en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. What happened to the plane?

A) No one knows

B) No one knows

C) No one knows

D) All of the above and we all hate CNN now.


9. Robin Thicke bails on the Winnipeg Juno Awards. Why?

A) "Mandatory vocal rest."

B) A petition against his appearance.

C) An obscure 1920s Winnipeg ordinance, forbidding what would later be known as twerking.


10. The first Ebola cases of the 2014 outbreak appear in what West African country?

A) Sierra Leone B) Guinea C) Liberia



11. By the time the reports stopped rolling in, how many Winnipeg properties had frozen pipes?

A) 1,296 B) 1,896 C) 2,596 D) 7,320


12. After years of talks, Ottawa, Ontario and the IISD reach a deal to keep the Experimental Lakes Area open. Which of the following discovery was not made by scientists at the unique outdoor laboratory?

A) Phosphorus, not nitrogen, is the main culprit in eutrophication.

B) Acid rain destroys ecosystems by destroying the food chain from the bottom up.

C) Estrogen in the water supply can prevent fish from reproducing.

D) Mercury in the air quickly winds up in fish.

E) A $50-million environmental-remediation bill is not worth $2 million in annual operating savings.



13. Winnipeg businessperson and philanthropist George Richardson passed away. What was his family's net worth estimated at in 2013?

A) $445 million B) $4.45 billion C) $44.5 billion


14. Who is Kadeisha Buchanan and what did she do in Winnipeg?



15. The inquest wraps up into the death of Brian Sinclair, who waited 34 hours in an emergency-ward waiting room with a treatable bladder infection. How many patients sought treatment during that time?

A) 49 B) 99 C) 149 D) 199


16. The Winnipeg Jets made Nikolaj Ehlers, a Danish forward, their No. 1 draft pick. Who is the highest-scoring Dane in NHL history - and who does he play for?

A) Mikkel Boedker B) Franz Nielsen C) Jannik Hansen D) Frederik Andersen



17. Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 goes down in Eastern Ukraine. True or false: Russian leader Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainian government for the tragedy.


18. ISIS extremists blow up a Baghdad mosque built at the reputed site of the tomb of which biblical prophet? A) Elijah B) Ezekiel C) Jonah D) Jebediah.


19. What weren't photographers allowed to do when Beyoncé performed at Investors Group Field?

A) Take pictures of her right side

B) Take pictures to the left, to the left

C) Take pictures of her at all.



20. On Aug. 8, what did mayoral candidate Gord Steeves promise to do hours before media were alerted to his spouse's Facebook rant about "drunken native guys" in downtown Winnipeg?


21. Who was found passed out in a downtown Winnipeg alley on the same day?



22. Who or what was missing when the Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened?

A) Prime Minister Stephen Harper

B) A Tribe Called Red, one of the scheduled performers

C) Public access to most of the museum's galleries

D) President and CEO Stu Murray.


23. What did funeral director Mike Vogiatzakis do during Winnipeg's mayoral race?

A) Drive a giant motor home with his face on it.

B) Pose for a photo with three women in bikinis at Fun Mountain.

C) Promise to make red-light zones legal.

D) Fail to have enough valid signatures on his nomination papers.



24. In his first race for mayor, Brian Bowman beat his closest mayoral rival by 46,936 votes. Was this greater or smaller than Sam Katz's margin of victory when he first ran in 2004?


25. Including the mayor, how many new members of city council were elected on Oct. 22?

A) Four B) Six C) Eight D) Not enough of them.



26. Of the "Rebel Five" ministers who resigned from Premier Greg Selinger's cabinet, who was the only MLA to run for the party leadership in 2009?

A) Therese Oswald

B) Andrew Swan

C) Stan Struthers

D) Erin Selby

E) Jennifer Howard


27. How many times did the European Space Agency probe Philae bounce off the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko before landing?

comet? A) Once B) Twice C) Three times D) It didn't bounce.



28. What investigation led the RCMP to raid the offices of Caspian Construction?

A) The construction of four new Winnipeg fire-paramedic stations.

B) The renovation of the Canada Post building into new headquarters for the Winnipeg Police Service.

C) The 2009 Parker land swap.

D) The abandoned 2012 effort to sell Parcel Four near The Forks to a water-park developer.


29. Which of the following are not candidates for leadership of the Manitoba NDP?

A) Greg Selinger

B) Theresa Oswald

C) Andrew Swan

D) Steve Ashton

E) Kevin Chief

F) Someone who could beat Brian Pallister


30. What does Obama's detente with Cuba mean?

A) An end to 54 years of estrangement between the U.S. and its island neighbour

B) Stronger business ties between the two.

C) Angry Florida Republicans.

D) More annoying tourists in Havana.

E) One less way for Canada to distinguish itself.