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August 12, 2020

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PPC vying for Winnipeg South Centre seat

Jane MacDiarmid running as People's Party of Canada candidate

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This article was published 2/10/2019 (315 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Winnipeg South Centre will be a test ground for a new political party building its campaign on the end of official multiculturalism, denying human influences on climate change, and a controversial immigration policy.

Jane MacDiarmid is the People’s Party of Canada’s candidate in Winnipeg South Centre. MacDiarmid, who declined to share her age, is a retired English as a second language teacher who concluded her career at Red River College in 2014, and spent time teaching in the public and private school sectors.

Jane MacDiarmid is the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Winnipeg South Centre.


Jane MacDiarmid is the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Winnipeg South Centre.

"I was very concerned for quite awhile in the direction Canada has been going regarding freedom of speech and the diluting of our national sovereignty," MacDiarmid said. "I was looking for a leader that would take us back to our heritage, our history, our common-sense policies."  

MacDiarmid, who lives in the St. Boniface-St. Vital riding and was raised in Portage la Prairie, previously ran for federal office with the Christian Heritage Party in Selkirk-Interlake (2008), St. Boniface (2006), and Winnipeg South (2004). The CHP is a minority federal party promoting anti-abortion, anti-assisted death, and anti-same sex and queer policies.

In making a political move to the PPC, MacDiarmid said party leader Maxime Bernier was instrumental in securing her support. Bernier is a former member of the Conservative Party of Canada who sat in Parliament since 2006. Bernier was the runner-up in the party’s 2017 leadership race and left the Conservatives to found the PPC in 2018.

The party’s main platform policies include withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change, repealing the Multiculturalism Act, and cutting immigration and refugee settlement by half.

"I thought this man has common sense and he also has the courage to take a stand and say enough of where we’re going, to go to a globalist society," MacDiarmid said.

When asked to define Canadian heritage and history, MacDiarmid said heritage is the "supremacy of God and the rule of law," as found in the preamble of the Constitution Act.

"We believe in freedom for everybody, freedom for everybody to speak, but no one radical group should be dominating the conversation and dictating how the country goes," she said.  

The PPC wants to reduce the number of immigrants and refugees Canada accepts annually from 350,000 to 150,000 and subject candidates to a "Canadian values" test.

MacDiarmid said current government policies promoting multiculturalism support the maintenance of newcomers’ "values and history."

"And not assimilate into our culture in any way, which would lead to many tribes living side by side in our country but we would have no core identity," she said. "We have a culture that we love and cherish and we don’t want it overrun with many, many other cultures that maybe don’t have the same values as we share."

"I’ve enjoyed many meals with many cultures and enjoyed it. That is fine. That is multiculturalism," she said.

MacDiarmid said she supports the PPC’s position that carbon dioxide produced by human activity does not cause global warming or climate change.

"The more carbon dioxide you have, the more green plants you have," she said. "We’re healthier basically."

The federal election is Oct. 21.

Other candidates in Winnipeg South Centre include Elizabeth Shearer (NDP), Joyce Bateman (Conservative), Jim Carr (Liberal), James Beddome (Green), and Linda Marynuk (CHP). The Green Party campaign did not respond to a request for interview by deadline.

Danielle Da Silva

Danielle Da Silva

Danielle Da Silva is a general assignment reporter.

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