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Look around you. Do you see small keys to your happiness?

If you’re at home, you should. Our homes, their intricacies and contents contribute a lot to our overall sense of well-being. The light that comes through the kitchen windows in the morning, the ability to talk to your friends in the living room while you’re preparing dinner, and the coziness of the spot where you go to rest are all key examples of why our homes are so important to our lives.

All these things shape the way we interact with our immediate environment and are a subtle, even subconscious, probe of either positive or negative information. Does your favourite reading spot remind you of the nook where you found your passion for books? Does your ability to create a beautiful holiday scene in your open living space bring you a small smile each time you see it? These seemingly small details can add a lot of love and positivity to our lives.

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If you’re looking at or considering building a home, choosing the right builder can be the difference between a nightmare and bliss.

That’s why building the right home for you is so important.

If you’re looking at or considering building a home, choosing the right builder can be the difference between a nightmare and bliss both during and after the process. The Better Business Bureau advises checking all prospects with your local home builders’ association.

Members of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association must adhere to a higher level of conduct and professionalism in order to remain in good standing. They have a deep understanding of what policies and permits must be considered and tend to be reliable.

When it comes to the space in which you’ll be spending the majority of your life, you want to everything is completed in the manner you desire. You also want to ensure the home won’t experience problems in the near to mid future due to builder neglect or inferior workmanship. Unfortunately, trusting someone with this task is a task in itself. The BBB also recommends getting references from family and friends and checking companies’ profiles on

Once you have a list of potential builders, the BBB recommends discussing three major pillars with the prospective companies: style, experience and licensing.

If you have a particular style in mind, ask for examples of other homes they’ve constructed in this style to ensure they’re a fit for you. Find out how long they’ve been in business as a way to check their track record of success. And check in about permits. You should do some of your own research here to ensure you have the required licensing you need before proceeding.

While discussing these things with companies, take note of how they respond. If you feel you can easily communicate with them, they’re quick to respond, and they display transparency, take this as a good sign of a potential partnership. You can also ask how they will deal with changes or issues that arise to ensure you’re on the same page as the process moves forward.

Remember, always check before you buy!

Building a home can be a stressful process, which is amplified by builders who are unethical with their customers. Save yourself the stress and create a home that will keep you happy by doing your diligence before deciding on the hands that will do the work. For more advice or to review company profiles, visit

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

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