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Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 12/01/2021 (874 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Who could have imagined what we have lived through this past year and through the recent holiday season? With so many people feeling isolated and alone, it is more important than ever that we stay connected.

How have you done staying connected with friends and acquaintances?

What I realized this past year, more than ever, is how powerful it can be to reach out to someone. I have always been a big believer in doing that. As a matter of fact, one of the books I have written is titled Making Contact: How to Connect with People.

Photo by John Hindle This going-away present from former colleagues is a reminder of what’s important in life to correspondent John Hindle.

As I was thinking about the people who have touched my life, I recalled two powerful memories.

The first was that dreadful night over six years ago when I laid in the Kenora Hospital. I was having a massive heart attack. My body was trembling and I felt a cold I had never felt before… I was sure I was dying.

As it turns out, I was having a severe reaction to the clot-busting drug that was administered by those angels in that emergency room. The drug, no doubt, saved my life. But for those precious minutes when I thought that was the end, what did I think about? I can assure you, I never once thought of material possessions.

I only thought about all the people who had touched my life. When they say your life flashes before your eyes, it’s not far from the truth. I didn’t just think of  my immediate family, either, although they were front and centre. I also thought of many friends and acquaintances with whom I had shared common interests and experiences.

So, if that is what you are thinking about at the end of your journey, how can those people not be the most important thing in your life?

Another memory engraved in my mind is the day I left the Winnipeg Goldeyes, which was one of the hardest decisions I have made. One going-away present I received that day was a glass jar. Inside it were notes from many people who had worked with the Goldeyes during my tenure. How people remembered our time together. What a treasure it is! It was titled Love in a Jar.

How we interact with people and foster our relationships is so powerful. We all know people who have made, or still make, us feel special and connected. You can be one of those people. There is no better time than now to reach out, especially to someone who may be alone or feel isolated.

When you are moving on to another adventure or it is the end of your journey, I hope the legacy you leave behind reflects the person, the friend, or the connection that you wanted to be.

You are in control of how people will remember you.

John Hindle is a community correspondent for St. Vital. Email him at

John Hindle

John Hindle
Community Correspondent — St. Vital

John Hindle is a community correspondent for St. Vital. Email him at

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