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Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 16/06/2021 (600 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Where do I fit in?

A monarchist is one who believes in the institution of the monarchy, regardless of who sits on the throne, whereas a royalist is one who shows and feels deference for a particular monarch.

Call me a royalist. Queen Elizabeth has been my idol from the time I became aware of the young princess.

Photo by Anne Yanchyshyn Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are pictured on their wedding day in a booklet that was given to correspondent Anne Yanchyshyn by a student in 1947.

When I was around age 10 we used a history book in Grade 5 or 6 called Pages from Canada’s Story. Does anyone remember that book? I looked for and found its picture on the Internet – the very book that had a picture of the Royal Family that I gloated over in my younger years.

How I loved staring at the beautiful princesses, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret Rose. There they sat in their pretty dresses beside their parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. What an unlikely fairy tale their existence suggested when we were barely coping through the 1930s Great Depression!

 I felt no envy whatever – just plain admiration and devotion to these other-worldly princesses. To find out that they were around my age, Elizabeth being about one-and-a-half years my senior, and Margaret Rose three years younger, meant I’d be hooked for life.

My interest in the Royals has never faded. I was a young, just-married woman when Elizabeth got married to Philip Mountbatten in November 1947. How clearly I remember the event. I was teaching Grades 5 to 8 at Lyleton when a student named Edith offered to get me a booklet commemorating the royal marriage through her relatives in England.

I still have that booklet. It amazes me to find out it is not the glossy souvenir I thought I had. The cover is coral and shows a black-and-white picture of the bridal couple. Open the booklet and there they are again, radiantly smiling as they pose to capture the occasion for eternity.

Who had ever seen such rich extravagance, as witnessed in the wedding gown and veil which extends from the bride’s side down the several stairs in front? Prince Philip beside the happy bride looks absolutely debonair in his dark uniform, shiny buttons, and a smile to match Elizabeth’s.

It was the beginning of a love match that survived nearly 74 years.

At her diamond anniversary celebration as sovereign in 2012, Queen Elizabeth II alluded to him as “her rock” for his steadfast support that made it possible for her to carry out her duties so capably.

At his funeral in April, she sat by herself, head bowed, accepting his end at 99, but honoring her trustworthy consort by reserving the place beside her in his memory.

Alone now to face her family’s vicissitudes as recently revealed, may she find solace through the anthem prayer, God Save the Queen.

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Anne Yanchyshyn is a community correspondent for St. Vital. Email her at acy@mymts.net

Anne Yanchyshyn

Anne Yanchyshyn
St. Vital community correspondent

Anne Yanchyshyn is a community correspondent for St. Vital.

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