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This article was published 30/03/2022 (435 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times as we face the first major war of the 21st century, which for many of us is on a scale that we have never seen before in our lifetimes, nor did we ever expect to see.

The current human toll in Ukraine, as a result of this unprovoked Russian assault is abominable. Over three million people have fled the country thus far, with many more families being displaced, their communities destroyed, and thousands of innocent lives lost.

Manitoba is home to over 180,000 people of Ukrainian extraction, who make up almost 15 per cent of the province’s population, many of whom live right here in our community. As one of those Manitobans with Ukrainian roots, I know how difficult it is for those with loved ones who may be at risk. I have cousins in eastern Ukraine, and pray that they are safe, as our family has not been able to communicate with them since the Russian invasion.

Manitobans have regularly rallied in support of Ukraine, and are now opening their hearts, homes and wallets to help.
Manitobans have regularly rallied in support of Ukraine, and are now opening their hearts, homes and wallets to help.

This is not the first time Ukraine has faced Russian aggression and attempts at “Russification.” Three hundred years ago, Catherine the Great of Russia sought to convert Ukraine into part of Russia and two centuries later, Stalin tried a more barbaric approach — purposely starving millions of Ukrainians to death in the 1930s, an attempt at genocide which would come to be known as Holodomor. I know of the latter far too well, as my grandmother, Mary, was a Holodomor survivor. No matter how horrific it was for her, she never lost her resolve. That tenacity is at the core of all Ukrainians, and the driving force of what keeps them fighting for their freedom, even when faced with such insurmountable odds.

Right now, more than ever before, the people of Ukraine need our help. I am proud of our government for providing financial support and opening our hearts and arms to Ukrainian refugees .

I ask you, as the generous citizens of Manitoba, who are known for their charity and goodwill, to do what you can to help Ukraine. For those offering their help, please refer to the website where you will find a list of resources to guide you in assisting the people of Ukraine. Whether you donate a few dollars for foreign aid or open up your homes to refugees in need of shelter, every bit helps Ukrainians in their plight to survive and overcome this unspeakable tragedy unleashed upon them by Putin’s despicable war.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith
Lagimodière constituency report

Andrew Smith is the PC MLA for Lagimodière.

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