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The constituency of Roblin is made up of two unique and beautiful communities. The community of Headingley and the community of Charleswood, which really are a little bit country and a little bit city. In my time as the MLA representing these two communities, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and get to know some of the wonderful community organizations that make our neighbourhoods the wonderful places to live that they are. One such type of community organization is a local museum.

Headingley’s local museum is Jim’s Vintage Garages, located at the Headingley Heritage Centre at 5353 Portage Ave. This museum has garnered wonderful reviews from people all over the world and it’s not hard to see why. Jim’s Vintage Garages is named for Jim Pearn, who had a passion for collecting antique cars and service-station memorabilia.

Jim’s Vintage Garages website has great videos on some the 3,000 artifacts at the museum. These short vignettes are fun to watch and full of fascinating information on the workings of vehicles and vehicle related products from days gone by.

Jim’s Vintage Garages in Headingley is a wonderful local museum.

Jim’s Vintage Garages operates throughout the summer months and hosts special events in addition to their daily hours. Just check out their website at for more information!

The Charleswood Museum is located at 5006 Roblin Blvd., run by dedicated volunteers who have carefully curated the museum’s contents. I love to visit the museum and see the many interesting artifacts from this community. The museum’s oldest artifacts are located near the entrance and moves along to the newer pieces as you move throughout the space. This thoughtful arrangement brings visitors on a journey throughout our history. I am always so surprised by the interesting contraptions used in the past. Take, for instance, the permanent-wave machine. This hair styling chair from the 1940s looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Behind the chair is a stem holding a top from which electrical curlers come down. The person wanting their hair styled would sit down, attach themselves to the device, and voila… a hairstyle was achieved. There are similarities between this contraption and the hair dryers I’ve seen at some salons… but those don’t require clients to hook their hair right up to an electrical current.

I am so grateful to the dedicated community members who have worked so hard to ensure that Charleswood and Headingley have wonderful museums right at our doorstep.

The permanent wave machine at the Charleswood Museum is quite a ‘hair-raising’ contraption.
Myrna Driedger

Myrna Driedger
Roblin constituency report

Myrna Driedger is the PC MLA for Roblin.

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