Late snowfall puts cycling on hold — for now


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April at last! The snow was fast disappearing, leaving the evidence of winter’s passing in the form of sand and grit everywhere. The birds were happy and even the geese and gulls were back in abundance.

Best of all, the trails of Bridgwater were clear, albeit wet, from the melting snow which meant that it was time to get the bicycles out.

We decided to purchase new bikes this year and had been looking forward to breaking them in and exploring the trails after what had felt like a long, cold and brutal winter.

While the ‘storm of the century’ didn’t turn out to be as bad as it could have been for citizens of Winnipeg, it still delayed the start of spring activities.

Did you know that there are approximately 30 kilometres of trails in Bridgwater, with five kilometres in Forest alone? Combine that with the trails in nearby Prairie Pointe and South Pointe and there is no shortage of biking options.

Our first ride took us through Forest and on to the paths along Kenaston Boulevard as we made our way over to Trails. It was still on the chilly side but it felt good to be out in the fresh air. And we were not alone. There were plenty of runners and cyclists out and about and it seemed like everyone felt as we did — happy to have finally made it to spring.

And then it happened.

It began with the warnings about the ‘worst storm in decades’, ‘a major blizzard to hit the prairies’ and just pure doom and gloom. No matter where you turned, which channel you watched or which news outlet you favoured, the message was the same. Even the snow-clearing company we had used throughout the winter reached out.

It was coming and we needed to prepare.

Like many, we listened to the forecasts and we heeded the warnings. We picked up our essentials, and dare I admit, a couple bottles of wine and some junk food. We parked our bikes and yes, we extended our snow-clearing contract. We were ready.

We hunkered down and we waited as we expected the worst.

But alas, it was not meant to be. It was a non-event. Mother Nature played a cruel joke on us. It snowed only enough to cover the city again in a heavy white blanket and put an end to our biking — at least for a couple of weeks.

Be patient, I tell myself. The trails in the neighbourhoods of Bridgwater will wait for us.

Debbie Ristimaki

Debbie Ristimaki
Bridgwater Forest community correspondent

Debbie Ristimaki is a community correspondent for Bridgwater Forest.

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