Don’t let your cats roam outside


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It’s finally spring and we get to enjoy the warm weather. Warm weather also means you will see more cats roaming the streets. While some may be strays, lots of cats are let outside by their owners, which is actuallynot permitted under the City of Winnipeg’s Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw.

Letting your cats roam may not only result in hefty fines; it can also be extremely dangerous for your cats.

Dangers include:

Letting your pet cats roam the neighbourhood is forbidden by Winnipeg’s Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw.

• Your cat getting hit by a car — There have been so many dead cats on the roads. It’s a horrible thing to happen to them and totally preventable. I’ve had to stop and pick cats up a few times because no one else cared;

•Predators — Coyotes, dogs, birds and more all prey on cats. Many animals are hungry and searching for food. Your cat may be the perfect prey;

• Injuries — From fighting with other animals, getting hit by a car or just getting hurt from an incident outside;

• Poison — Cats can get into things that they don’t know are poisonous. They could also be poisoned on purpose;

• Diseases from other cats — Your roaming cat will most certainly encounter other cats and may even get into a fight. This may result in injuries and vet bills, or your cat could contract a fatal disease;

• Harmed by humans — Not all humans like cats. If your cat is friendly he will be vulnerable to being hurt by someone;

• Trappers — Some angry people trap roaming cats to punish their owners for letting them outside. They relocate them, or worse. Don’t let your cats pay for your choice to let them roam;

• Theft — Someone may be tired of seeing your cat outside and could want to give it a better life. They also may think your cat is a stray and bring it into their home;

• Being locked-in — Cats are curious creatures. They wonder into garages and sheds. And sometimes they can get locked inside;

• They don’t always come home — I see so many posts about missing cats. Almost all of them say their cat “always comes home.” But that’s not always true.

These are just some of the reasons you should consider keeping your cat safe, healthy and indoors.

Jennifer Laferriere

Jennifer Laferriere
Garden City community correspondent

Jennifer Laferriere is a community correspondent for Garden City.

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