Trails are just two of Roblin’s natural treasures


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The constituency of Roblin is made up of two amazing communities — Charleswood and Headingley. We have so many parks and beautiful wooded areas that I am continually in awe of the beauty surrounding us. In my opinion, we have the best walking trails right at our doorsteps. The Harte Trail in Charleswood and the Grand Trunk Trail in Headingley are special nature trails with an interesting history.

Both the Harte Trail and the Grand Trunk Trail are part of the Trans Canada Trail. This huge trail system is just what it sounds like — a network of trails all the way across Canada. It is the largest trail system in the entire world, and we have two integral pieces of it right here in our communities. The trail system is made up of a variety of trails including off-road greenways, waterways, abandoned rail lines, and highways. Both trails Roblin are located on the same abandoned rail line that was built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and was used from 1894-1972. What an interesting piece of history right in our backyard.

These trails are taken care of by dedicated volunteers. In Headingley, the Grand Trunk Trail Association works hard to ensure that the trail is in great shape. Just one of the many features of the trail is the bridge added in 2017 to allow trail users to cross a creek. This enabled people to stay on the trail rather than use the road to enter the park. Thank you to the Grand Trunk Trail association for this great feature. For more information on this association, check out

Diana Juchnowski (right) and Joan Spice are members of Headingley’s Grand Trunk Trail Association.

In Charleswood, the Friends of the Harte Trail ensure that the trail is maintained and safe. There are a few ways to become involved with this great organization including becoming a member, volunteering, or donating to their cause. For more information on the Friends of the Harte Trail, check out

These trails are a treasure in our communities. There are so many activities to use the trails for, from skiing in the winter, to cycling and running in the summer, to simply sitting on a bench any time of the year and enjoying the nature all around us.

I am so grateful to all the volunteers who work so hard to make our communities the wonderful places to live that they are. Thank you to the Grand Trunk Trail Association and the Friends of the Harte Trail.

Myrna Driedger

Myrna Driedger
Roblin constituency report

Myrna Driedger is the PC MLA for Roblin.

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