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All over the world, life has been getting more expensive. Inflation, the war in Ukraine, and supply chain challenges have made it harder for families to afford gas, groceries, and other needed goods.

Manitoba is no exception, which is why our government is continuing to take action to support Manitobans. Last week, I was proud to announce a comprehensive $87 million family affordability package to help Manitobans make ends meet.

This package includes benefit cheques for all Manitoba families with a household income of less than $175,000, providing $250 for the first child and $200 for each additional child. This measure will support families with school-age children, helping them fill up their cars, buy groceries, and school supplies as we head into a busy school year.

We also know that low-income seniors are struggling as prices go up. Our government is providing seniors who claimed the education property tax credit and have an income of less than $40,000 with a $300 affordability benefit this fall. This payment will help our seniors afford groceries and other needed goods as we continue to deal with rising inflation.

Finally, our government recognizes that Manitobans on employment and income assistance need additional support. We are responding with an increase to the basic needs rate, providing EIA general assistance clients without dependent children an extra $50 per adult each month while also increasing benefits for all EIA disability clients.

Our government believes in putting more money back in the pockets of Manitobans. Since 2016, we have reduced the PST, indexed income tax brackets to the rate of inflation, and started to phase out education property taxes through the expansion of the education property tax rebate. Over the last six years, we have provided Manitobans with over $1 billion in cumulative tax relief, amounting to $2,400 per Manitoban or $4,800 for a two-income household.

I can assure you we are just getting started. Our government will continue to help Manitoba families make ends meet as we fight back against rising prices together.

Heather Stefanson

Heather Stefanson
Tuxedo constituency report

Heather Stefanson is the PC MLA for Tuxedo and the premier of Manitoba.

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