De-stressing before winter arrives


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Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 02/11/2022 (215 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

I don’t know what your October was like, but mine felt like the fall train went off the tracks.

First were the dentist appointments. I had been procrastinating on that for the past two years. Not a good choice apparently. The crisis sent me down some research rabbit holes, distracting me and eating up my time. It is amazing the wisdom of people in the kinds of foods they traditionally ate to stay healthy and have strong teeth and just as important, the way they prepared it. (I did get a second opinion, at the encouragement of my neighbour, and there was a better alternative available).

Then, my kids were sick for a week, followed by the parents. As is my custom when the nose runs profusely, I felt cold sores coming on — the worst ever. More research and trying remedies. Providentially, the one remedy I bought for post-dental work was also indicated for cold sores and made the biggest difference.


Taking a walk — by yourself or with your family — before or after supper, is a wonderful stress reliever.

While recovering, I started watching a video series by someone who healed himself of cancer.

It is incredible the sheer variety of nutrients available in good food and how they interact with the body’s cells. Convenience food does not contribute to health.

I learned something beyond nutrition, which may even be more valuable for me. And perhaps for you, as well. I learned about stress.

I knew all about adrenaline and cortisol and how it interferes with certain functions, such as sleep, immune system function, digestion — which is OK in emergencies, but not all the time. But I didn’t understand how it all applied to me. Was I stressed? I didn’t think so.

Then I learned about how unfinished projects, unaddressed problems, and unhealthy relationships can cause stress (even when our lives are simply too centred around others).

Procrastination and people-pleasing cause stress in a very subtle way. As well as thinking too much.

There is a blessing in doing something about problems. When the problem is taken care of, the stress disappears.

Through all the chaos and learning this month, I’ve come to a new appreciation of the design of our bodies, the design of the natural world, and the minds of those who have made valuable discoveries about health.

I want to celebrate that and lessen fear as we enter the winter season. We can be proactive with our health.

I will leave you with a few action steps that I am hoping to take — adding more fruits and veggies, finishing some undone things, giving fears to God, doing a forgiveness inventory, pausing to do deep breathing throughout the day, and walking before or after supper.

Oh, and getting to bed earlier!

Enjoy the transition to winter and be well.

Sonya Braun

Sonya Braun
Springfield North community correspondent

Sonya Braun is a community correspondent for Springfield North.

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