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Holidays. Vacations. Getaways. Whatever you call them, they are an ideal time to be renewed in body, mind and spirit.

I recently had the rare opportunity to spend two contrasting weeks away from home – one with my family at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean and one with my husband on a photo tour he led in Utah and Arizona.

As is often the case, neither was pure bliss or perfection. There were many opportunities for learning, shall we say. Don’t get me wrong – I loved both experiences and will treasure the memories. But things didn’t always go as planned.

<p>Photo by Sonya Braun</p>
                                <p>A journey through Utah’s Monument Valley reminded correspondent Sonya Braun of the movie <em>Forrest Gump</em>.</p>

Photo by Sonya Braun

A journey through Utah’s Monument Valley reminded correspondent Sonya Braun of the movie Forrest Gump.

On one such day in Utah, when we had every possible kind of weather and much need for patience, I wrote a page in my notebook titled, “Today’s Lessons”. Though I wrote them for the enjoyment of my travelling companions’ and my own sanity, I will share them with you as well. Hopefully there is at least one nugget of truth you can bring into your own life today.

First, I quoted a line from the movie Forrest Gump, as we had passed the place in Monument Valley where Forrest stopped running across America: “Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Then, I continued with nine more of my own thoughts. Here they are…

• Don’t wait for your golden opportunity to be practical. Seize the moments – take your photo before you make your bathroom stop – it might blizzard in that time!

• Be prepared for anything, but don’t worry if you aren’t prepared for everything. You can’t be.

• Be patient and keep believing!

• Storms happen – thundering hail whiteouts, dust storms, blizzards. Sometimes all in one day! But it can still be a great day.

• Be thankful for the little things, like bakery-fresh donuts in gas stations and being able to see the road.

• Sometimes unideal conditions make for the most unique photos and memorable experiences.

• Be unafraid to ask for what you want.

• There will always be people in life who will encourage and those who will criticize, regardless of what you do–it’s all in their perspective.

• Make the most of every day, no matter what comes your way!

It is my firm belief that our days were divinely orchestrated. We simply needed to keep hoping and trusting, no matter how bleak and impossible things looked, for sweet light always came just in time.

I hope these insights help you resiliently handle life, whether you are dealing with new situations, making the best of a vacation suddenly going sideways or navigating daily challenges.

Sonya Braun

Sonya Braun
Springfield North community correspondent

Sonya Braun is a community correspondent for Springfield North.

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