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It’s all fun and games at Kilter Brewing Co. on Wednesday nights — and that’s just how they like it.

Since November 2021, the St. Boniface-based brewer (450 Rue Deschambault) has teamed up with Victory Pints Games to hold a board games night in its taproom on Wednesday nights.

And now, with pandemic restrictions continuing to ease up, organizers are hoping more visitors come out and enjoy the ambiance of the taproom and indulge in some friendly competition by trying an eclectic selection of board games — whether its seasoned game-players or those who are just discovering board games.

“It’s going pretty well so far,” David Weber, the owner of Victory Board Games, told Canstar recently. “We’re seeing a steady increase as people find out about us and our partnership with Kilter, and we’re all about getting games into the hands of people.”

Weber, who lives in Garden City, started the business last year and spent many of his weekends last summer selling at farmers’ markets, especially those in cabin country in the Interlake area. Currently, most of his sales are through his website.

He said Kilter previously had a number of board games available for patrons to play in its taproom, and when he attends the Wednesday night events, he brings with him a selection of games for the punters to play.

“I wanted to try and spread my games as far and wide as possible. I started my website, and I offer free delivery in the city, and when I drop the games off to people I feel a bit like Santa Claus,” Weber said.

“I think board games are now having a bit of a renaissance, and I think people are looking for different entertainment options other than looking at their phones.”

In terms of the selection available, Weber said he’s “pretty heavy on modern games,” though game night visitors to Kilter will still be able to play classics such as Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. He said part of his goal with the event is to go “back to basics” and introduce games to those in their twenties or thirties or younger, providing they are old enough to be in the taproom, of course.

“I remember one time when I suggested a game called Wavelength, which is quite popular at the bar. This group played the game all night and was constantly laughing and having the time of its life. That’s the kind of experience we want people to have,” Weber said.

“Kilter has been a great partner, and their social media presence has really helped the games nights grow. Of course, there’s a very high cool factor having them as a partner, which has really helped this grow, too.”

“There are other places to play games in the city, but I think having this partnership with Kilter helps reach people who don’t necessarily know much about board games. Plus, they make excellent beer,” he added.

Mischa Decter, the taproom manager at Kilter Brewing Co., said the Wednesday games nights are a good fusion between the two parties.

“We have a big, spacious taproom and we have a few classic board games here, and Dave has expanded on that,” Decter said, noting it’s not uncommon to see groups of four, six and eight people enjoying games night.

“Dave has hundreds of games, which gives people different options to try out while they’re enjoying a couple of beers on a nice, chill Wednesday night. Dave’s business is fairly new, so it’s nice for him to have this space to set up. So far, we’ve seen both our regular customers on Wednesday nights, as well as new people. It’s a good space for this, and people are often impressed by the ‘wow factor’ when they first come.”

Go online at www.victorypints.ca and www.kilterbrewing.co to learn more about both businesses.

Simon Fuller

Simon Fuller
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Simon Fuller is a reporter/photographer for the Free Press Community Review. Email him at simon.fuller@canstarnews.com or call him at 204-697-7111.

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