Saving the day with curiosity and perseverance

Local woman releases first children’s picture book


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A River Park South woman with a lifelong love of writing has released her first children’s picture book.

Abiola Regan has written and self-published a children’s book called Mobo Saves the Day.

Abiola Regan has written and self-published a children’s book called Mobo Saves the Day. The book is illustrated by Toronto-based artist Catherine Cachia.

Regan primarily writes poetry, as well as the occasional freelance article, and has been published on numerous occasions. She said the idea for the book began to evolve organically out of oral storytelling after having her child five years ago; not least when the implications of living in the subsequent COVID-19 era gave Regan and her family the opportunity to re-evaluate and pivot, allowing her to focus more strongly on her writing.

“I’ve always been a writer,” Regan, 40, said. “I was what I call a secret writer, which included journalling, story-writing, and coming up with ideas for different things. I’ve always verbally told children’s stories — we’d call them stories without a book. If I was with my child, I’d ask them to pick a vehicle and place, for example, and I’d create story a story about that. And every so often, I’d jot down an idea.”

Without giving too much away, Mobo Saves the Day is described on Regan’s website as a fun, playful story that takes place one sunny summer evening when the book’s namesake protagonist goes to the park for a picnic with family. With practising his skatepark jumps in the grass, Mobo hears a buzzing, which turns out to be wasp’s nest, which throws everyone into a panic. This discovery threatens to spoil the picnic, but Mobo’s curiosity saves the day.

“It’s a good, fun story and a central message is that curiosity and perseverance can win out and be can be helpful and people can be celebrated for it,” Regan said.

Regan’s creativity doesn’t solely exist on the printed and digital page. She previously co-created, co-produced, co-hosted and edited a parenting podcast called Gaining Mom-entum, which ran for three seasons and ended in March.

She’s now working on a new podcast, in collaboration with Patrick Gadsby, called Scars and Lemonade, which is about resilience and optimism. It’s currently in development, and is scheduled to debut this fall.

“Right now, we need some feel-good stories,” Regan said.

“The podcast is about overcoming obstacles, and we’re be talking to adults who have seen a few things. It includes advice, and also has a bit of silliness thrown in — we play games and jokes, but everyone’s in on it. Nothing is at anyone’s expense.”

Now back living in south Winnipeg, Regan has come full circle — at least, for now. Raised in River Heights, the Kelvin High School alumna left the province to attend Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., and eventually moved to Vancouver, B.C., for 16 years, with a couple of years back-and-forth between Vancouver and Winnipeg when she took her master’s degree at the University of Manitoba.

Go online at for more information, or to purchase the new book, which is available in softcover and e-book.

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Simon Fuller
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