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Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 24/11/2021 (439 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

A lot of snow has fallen over the last few days in the city and in the province. Social media has been buzzing with snow activity, in photos, videos, memes and commentary. I found myself wanting to contribute to the barrage of that myself so I’ve been actively snapping countless photos of falling snow, snow-covered windows, frosty trees, snowflakes, our snow-packed birdfeeder, yard and street and just about anything else that has snow in or on it.

Seasoned Winnipeggers have been reporting on how much snowfall has occurred, how much is on its way… many commenting on its beauty, and a few with annual complaints about the coming cold winter months.

Winter can be a harsh time on the Canadian prairies. The cold is challenging. The conditions are difficult. We rightfully worry about those without adequate housing and hope they’ll find warmth and safety. We agonize about driving on snow-packed roads and wish for no accidents or injuries. Many of us go into hibernation mode, returning to our little cocoons, with warm blankets, hot beverages and escape into our favourite books, hobbies, and movies.

Photo by Janine LeGal As much as a prairie winter can be harsh and unforgiving, fresh snow can also be a delight.

 And then there are the children. On our street in central St. Boniface there are several children who enjoy playing outside year-round. I’ve often referred to seeing what I like to call Norman Rockwell paintings just outside our windows. The American painter and illustrator was famous for taking everyday moments and recreating them in his works, which had broad popular appeal.

In recent days on our street, the neighbourhood children have been joyfully appreciating the snow, rolling around in it, throwing snowballs, making snow angels and snowmen.

At one point, as I watched from our living room window after an enthusiastic snowball fight, two of them lay on their backs in the freshly fallen snow looking up at the sky, for what seemed like a really long time. I checked on them intermittently to make sure all was well and sure enough it was. They were just simply enjoying themselves, delighting in the snow, free and happy. It was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while.

The next day I dug out my snow pants and big parka from the far reaches of the closet, put them on and swish-swished all the way out to the back yard, threw myself on the ground and looked upward. In that moment, there was no stress, no worry, nothing but the beauty of the soothing cold snow on my back, the silver-grey haze of the sky, and just being present in our winter wonderland. I’m grateful to the children in our neighbourhood for reminding us grown-ups of the importance of play. Especially at this time of year.

Janine LeGal is a community correspondent for St. Boniface.

Janine LeGal

Janine LeGal
St. Boniface community correspondent

Janine LeGal is a community correspondent for St. Boniface who also writes the These Old Houses column for our Community Homes section.

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