Boldly going where others fear to tread


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Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 15/06/2020 (1085 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

People are understandably nervous about entering hospitals right now, but if you’re experiencing health distress, please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Physicians suspect the fear of contracting COVID-19 is keeping people from going anywhere near hospitals. If you are experiencing serious pain or other symptoms, they encourage you to get checked out. A quick call to Healthlinks will determine whether or not an emergency visit is warranted.

Over the last few months, various family members and I have needed to attend emergency departments and be admitted to the Grace, St. Boniface and Victoria hospitals. Given the current health climate, this was troubling and we weren’t sure what to expect.

I can tell you from personal experience that our health-care workers are extremely well-prepared and professional in their COVID-19 protocols. They are encouraging and caring, even while terrified of contracting the virus and taking it home to their families. I offer them all a huge bouquet of thanks for choosing to care for others.

As we progress through the Phase 2 reopenings in our city, we are beginning to expand our worlds a little more. Keeping a safe distance from others, we can now dine inside and on the patios of our favourite restaurants. And thank goodness, we can all go for haircuts.

Religious organizations are also included in the reopenings, under strict health protocols.

I was excited to finally attend church last week, yet apprehensive. What would it look like? Would everyone be wearing masks?  Would it feel like church always had?

Everyone has to book their attendance in advance. Seats were measured and marked off. There were no prayer or hymn books in the pews. A few of us were wearing masks. I admit I was humming to myself, as there is no singing allowed yet — we don’t want any moist droplets to get out there. There was great attention to the details.

Everyone was glad to be there but it was almost a sombre occasion. I think we were mourning the absence of fellowship.  People are, after all, social creatures, and togetherness is good for the heart and soul.

Once the restrictions loosen up, I don’t think things will ever be quite the same.  Maybe a little elbow room will be the norm.  Maybe we’ll see hand sanitizers at entrances everywhere.  Maybe families will continue the daily walks and bike rides.

Maybe those folks who steadfastly attend work, sick or not, will finally consider the health of those around them.

Be patient and be kind.

Wanda Prychitko is a community correspondent for St. James-Assiniboia. Contact

Wanda Prychitko

Wanda Prychitko
St. James-Assiniboia community correspondent

Wanda Prychitko is a community correspondent for St. James-Assiniboia.

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