Bill 71 offers no support for Maples families


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This article was published 10/05/2021 (759 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Many Manitobans who rent in The Maples are those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic: single mothers, seniors, BIPOC, young people, and low-income Manitobans.

All have been left with few supports throughout the pandemic, such as no paid sick leave, and now the PCs are leaving them further behind.

Recently the PCs brought forward Bill 71 to phase out education property taxes, which will make life harder for Manitoba renters while benefitting landlords and wealthy Manitobans who own multiple properties.

Currently, renters are entitled to a $700 tax credit each year, but this will be phased out as a result of the government’s plan and renters will not qualify for the new rebate, only landlords will. In The Maples, many constituents are renters and have relied on this tax credit. Ending this means renters will lose out on hundreds of dollars that help with their expenses.

The plan also neglects to set up any protection for renters after the two-year rent freeze is over. Additionally, the rent freeze is meaningless because the PCs currently approve all above-guideline rent increases. Maples residents need to know they won’t get priced out of their homes and forced to choose between rent and food.

The PCs also have no plan or explanation for how they will make up the difference in education funding. This is concerning since just this past year the PCs underspent on our children’s education by $8 million, and every year their education funding has failed to keep up with inflation and enrolment.

The PCs are attempting to fool Manitobans into thinking legislation is necessary but it isn’t — they could simply increase tax credits instead of issuing rebates. The real reason for Bill 71 is to have the rebate checks signed by Premier Pallister at the cost of $1.3 million to taxpayers — a pitiful attempt to win back voters.

When Manitobans have called for comprehensive supports, the PCs have been nowhere to be found. They refuse to spend money when our community and economy has needed it, but they willingly invest in a vote-buying scheme as soon as they see an opportunity to do so.

This pandemic has continued to show us that leadership matters, and the PCs have continued to fail Manitobans.

My NDP colleagues have introduced legislation that would ensure no politician sign cheques for political gains. We know Manitobans do not want autographs or gimmicks; they just want support during these challenging times.

Please do not hesitate to contact our constituency office at 204-417-3486 or email

Mintu Sandhu

Mintu Sandhu
The Maples constituency report

Mintu Sandhu is the NDP MLA for The Maples.

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