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As we gather this holiday season, let us remember those that are struggling, to keep them in our prayers, volunteer our time, and make donations to charitable organizations as we are able. Inflation is at a record 40-year high; the price of groceries, and fuel for transportation and home heating keep getting more expensive. Rising interest rates are deeply impacting families with home mortgages, credit cards, and other loan payments. The unfortunate fact is the hard-earned dollars of Canadians are buying less and less, with more and more going to service our debts.

Conservatives have asked the Liberal government to stop the tax hikes coming on paycheques on Jan. 1, 2023. We have also asked them to cut the carbon tax on home heating, and to cancel their plan to triple the carbon tax over the next few years.

In Canada, six out of 10 Canadians heat their homes with natural gas, and most Canadians drive gas-powered vehicles. Our food is grown, processed, transported, and housed using carbon-based fuels. Because the carbon tax increases the cost of our main source of fuel, it makes the prices of everything go up – at a time of record inflation. Canadians need tax-relief. Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals are refusing to cut taxes.

We also know that massive government deficits contribute to rising inflation because it creates more dollars that chase fewer goods, which means higher prices. Since he first formed government seven years ago in 2015, Justin Trudeau has spent more in deficits than every Prime Minister before him combined – a staggering half-a-trillion dollars.

Before the pandemic the Trudeau Liberals had spent $100 billion in inflationary deficits. While everyone agrees governments needed to take extraordinary measures to support the economy during government-mandated lockdowns, the auditor general of Canada reported that, at minimum, the Trudeau Liberals overspent $32 billion in pandemic benefits. The recent Liberal fall economic update promises an additional $56 billion of inflationary deficits in the coming years.

More Canadians are using food banks than ever before. The federal government has the responsibility to spend responsibly and work hard to bring tax relief for food, transportation, and home heating for all Canadians.

Thank you for trusting me to be your voice in Ottawa. I will continue to work hard to represent you with the respect and dignity you deserve. As always, please feel free to reach out to my office at 204-984-6322, or

Raquel Dancho

Raquel Dancho
Kildonan-St. Paul constituency report

Raquel Dancho is the Conservative MP for Kildonan-St. Paul.

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