August 18, 2017


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Winnipeg Free Press Photo Release

Winnipeg Free Press: Share your photos

The Winnipeg Free Press wants to see your photos! We invite you to share your images with us and with our readers.


Please include your full name and an email address where we can contact you, and a short description of the image. If we can’t contact you or don’t know who, what, we may not be able to use your photos – and we might want more information from you about them.

Send us photos large as you can (up to 2 MB per photo). We can crop or reduce large photos, but it’s more difficult to work with small photos. The photo should not have the time and date embedded by the camera visible on the image. Our normal procedure when we use submitted photos is to give the photographer a credit in this format: Photo: Joe B. Bomber. If you do not wish a photo credit, please indicate that in the notes field.

We cannot guarantee that your photo will be used, and we cannot guarantee that we will notify you if your photo is used.

Legal information:

Everyone who submits a photograph to the Winnipeg Free Press must read and agree to the following release. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must agree to the terms of this agreement on your behalf.


I agree that the Winnipeg Free Press may use the photograph that I have submitted under the following terms and conditions:

  1. I own this photo, and I own all the rights, including copyright, necessary to submit this photo to the Winnipeg Free Press.
  2. I am the sole owner of copyright on this photo, and I understand that I am granting the Winnipeg Free Press the nonexclusive right to use it in any way that the Winnipeg Free Press sees fit.
  3. I consent to indemnify the Winnipeg Free Press against any claim, demand, action, suit, or other proceedings against the Winnipeg Free Press arising out of the use of the photo and related to any false or inaccurate statement.
  4. I grant this authorization free of charge.
  5. Participants who have modeled or posed in the photo have assigned all relevant rights to me.
  6. By submitting your photos, you are informing us that you have read and agree to these conditions.