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How will you remember the pandemic?

Tell us how you think you’ll reflect on COVID-19 in the future

It’s been a hard slog for these past 23 months. But as we near the two-year anniversary of the arrival of COVID-19 in Manitoba, there is a glimmer of hope that the end of the pandemic is nigh.

That said, this virus has surprised us before, so we would be wise to avoid any predictions of when we will be be living in whatever passes as our new normal.

Still, we know there will be an end date at some point.

So what we want to hear from you is how you will remember this unprecedented time in our lives.

Is our fight against COVID-19 something that you will look back upon with pride at how we came together? Or will it be a period that haunts you because of the confusion, the pain, the frustration and the division? Maybe it will be something you never want to talk about ever again.

Using the form below, tell us what you think you will remember and how you will react when you reflect on the pandemic, and we will share your thoughts with our readership.

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