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Downhill skiers have been knocked off the slopes at Asessippi Ski Resort because of COVID-19.

A notice on the resort's website says it closed on Jan. 18 and will stay closed until after Feb. 1, after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The resort says even though public health officials have told them the risk of exposure is low, and they didn't need to close or let the public know about the single case, it decided to do so anyway.

"To not close and issue this notice is unthinkable," the notice said.

"All we care about is everyone's health and safety. We would rather not be here at all than put our staff, our guests, and the public at risk and have thus decided to close for two weeks and issue this notice.

"Our approach to COVID-19 since opening this winter has been to go beyond the strict measures required of us."

The resort said the employee went home as soon as they began feeling ill and was tested and isolated within hours.

It's not known how the person contracted the virus. Workers at the resort live in bunkhouses.

The resort says anyone who bought lift passes in advance will be refunded.