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The city continues to press the province for details about when paramedics, firefighters, police and other front-line workers will get the vaccine for COVID-19.

Mayor Brian Bowman said Friday that he wrote to Premier Brian Pallister on Thursday to find out where the city's essential workers are on the priority list.

He said he sent the letter because he hadn't received an answer despite repeatedly asking provincial officials for the information.

"As the eligibility for vaccine criteria is expanded, we're looking to ensure our essential service personnel are prioritized so that essential city services are protected for our residents," Bowman said.

"I've been reaching out to the province since early December to get as many details on the province's vaccine rollout efforts as possible. We've learned from media reports and press conferences that the province is expanding vaccines to northern communities and, next week, to personal care homes.

"This is great to hear, but we do need more details at the city to ensure our essential workers are on the province's radar for priority access to the vaccine."

Jason Shaw, the city's emergency operations centre manager, said they have asked the province to consider adding front-line emergency workers to the priority list "to ensure staff can continue to provide care and serve those in need.

"It is our hope the vaccine will be rolled out to front-line workers as soon as possible, including to our bus operators, once supply of the vaccine is more widely available."