Likelihood of FASD leading to victimization overlooked

Legal Aid Manitoba;s Corey La Berge knows FASD-affected youth are vulnerable.

  • Likelihood of FASD leading to victimization overlooked

    Numerous studies have shown people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder have a high likelihood of committing a crime.

  • When trouble is just one slip-up away...

    Staying out of jail has become a full-time job for Russ Hilsher.

  • From rock bottom and back: 'Sniff mom' wants to help others

    She made national headlines 15 years ago as the pregnant "sniff mom" social workers took to court to sober up until the baby — her fourth child — was born.

  • Child workers rail against Sébastien's law

    OTTAWA -- Canada's child advocates want the federal government to shelve planned amendments to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

  • Treat, don't jail, FASD kids: poll

    Most Manitobans support expanding programs that treat young criminals suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder instead of locking them up.

  • It's not a one-way street

    Ryan Twohearts thunders between the truck and the store, contorting himself to grab as many shrink-wrapped packages as he can in one trip.

  • Seeking a better way

    Provincial Court Justice Heather Pullan looks sternly over her glasses at the tall, soft-faced boy sitting in the prisoner's box in youth court.

  • In their corner, a crusader

    OTTAWA — If you’re a teenager in Manitoba with FASD and you get in trouble with the law, there is one person you want in your corner.

  • It need not be a life sentence

    FASD isn't an excuse for crime, and it isn't a life sentence. But for many experts, including Manitoba's top RCMP officer, the statistics suggest crime rates could be dramatically curbed if people with FASD got the right help early on or if FASD could be prevented in the first place.