Lisa Morrisseau (left) with children Peter, Steven and Elizabeth. At right is Jewel Reimer, her friend and social worker.

  • It starts with diagnosis

    On first glance, he's a boy like any other. He's working on his Justin Bieber haircut. He could play Call of Duty: Black Ops all day without a break. He's not crazy about school.

  • It can be 'overwhelming,' but she copes

    Lisa Morrisseau has a loving husband, three beautiful children and a disability that no one -- not even her parents -- knew about.

  • The long road to a diagnosis

    If doctors could diagnose FASD with a simple blood test, life would be so much easier. But it takes a small army of brain experts, everyone from speech therapists to psychologists, to cobble together a diagnosis using a lot of standardized tests and a little professional judgment. Here's how it works:

  • The FASD Brain

    Alcohol can damage any one of nine parts of a baby’s brain, affecting everything from motor skills to memory. Figuring out which parts is the key to an official diagnosis. Click here for an interactive look at how booze affects the brain..