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About Brandon-Souris

Winnipeg Free Press
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Voting History

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The Free Press invited all federal candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, the issues affecting their communities, and what they hope to achieve in office.

Ten questions on the issues: Find out how your opinions compare with the candidates hoping to become your next MP.

The candidates, as people: Would-be MPs introduce themselves to you and describe their backgrounds, what made them decide to run in this election, and how they hope to solve the problems facing your community.


Vanessa Hamilton, Independent IND

As a healthcare provider for fifteen years my work is based on ethics, accountability, integrity and competence - traits I will use when representing Brandon-Souris.

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Rebecca Hein, Christian Heritage Party of Canada CHP

Since my family moved to Canada when I was a year and a half, I have lived in Southern Manitoba. Over the years, I have had the joy of serving Canadians through extensive political and community involvement, including traveling across Canada with an educational film on women's health as well as campaigning and door knocking to raise awareness on human trafficking and protecting children from online pornography. In the community, I have volunteered with the elderly and provided companion care, ...

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Bill Tiessen, Green Party of Canada GRN

I live in my childhood home on a farmyard near Crystal City, Manitoba. Together with my wife Sheila, I operated a mixed farm until 2009, raising sheep and chickens alongside crops of alfalfa hay, wheat, canola, barley and flax. Currently, we run a successful bookkeeping and tax preparation business and consider our grown children, Rebecca and Zach, as our proudest legacy. My participation in community organizations and projects ranges from treasurer for the newly formed United Community Arts and...

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Ashley Duguay, New Democratic Party NDP

No response given

Robin Lussier, People's Party of Canada PPC

Born in Winnipeg at St Boniface Hospital in 1965. Stayed in Wpg until around 8 when my father brought the facility to Nanaimo BC and abandoned us. Homeless by 8, thankfully members of the Lorteau family were there to help. Grew up in a typical single mother welfare family, had two jobs plus school by we could eat. Many times more month than toilet paper. I joined 2422 Royal Canadian Army Cadets at 13 cause it was free, got my introduction to the military, joined the army reserve, the the regular...

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Terry Hayward, Liberal Party of Canada LIB

No response given

Larry Maguire, Conservative Party of Canada CON

I was born in Souris, Manitoba. I grew up on the farm and was involved in numerous agriculture organizations. I was elected as the MLA for Arthur—Virden in 1999 and then as the MP for Brandon—Souris in 2013. ​When something needed to be fixed, I rolled up my sleeves and fixed it. When something needed to get done, I got it done instead of just talking about it. It’s not rocket science; it’s a can-do ‎attitude that was instilled in me from a young age. I have two wonderful children and seven gr...

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