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About Dauphin-Swan River

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Voting History

Dauphin - Swan River - Neepawa Voting History Chart


The Free Press invited all federal candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, the issues affecting their communities, and what they hope to achieve in office.

Ten questions on the issues: Find out how your opinions compare with the candidates hoping to become your next MP.

The candidates, as people: Would-be MPs introduce themselves to you and describe their backgrounds, what made them decide to run in this election, and how they hope to solve the problems facing your community.


Jenni Johnson, Christian Heritage Party of Canada CHP

Born and raised in small-town-Manitoba, I'm a farmer/pastor's daughter, a wife, a mom, and a follower of Jesus. My husband, Nick, runs his own business as an electrician, and our 4 children are the best things about us.

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Frank Godon, People's Party of Canada PPC

No response given

Dan Mazier, Conservative Party of Canada CON

No response given

Cathy Scofield-Singh, Liberal Party of Canada LIB

My name is Cathy Scofield-Singh, and I am a Nurse Practitioner in Ste Rose-du-Lac, MB. I was born in Halifax, NS, but grew up in Carleton Place, ON. As a child, I lived on a farm. I have been involved with haying, planting, caring for many animals. I started my Health care career as a Health Care Aid, which inspired me to become a Registered Nurse more than 30 yrs ago. I have worked in various nursing roles including Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, open heart surgery ICU, Infection Control Coordin...

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Kate Storey, Green Party of Canada GRN

I love science, music, gardening, and the outdoors. My husband and I moved to the farm when our children were small and I quickly got involved in small town life. I started out volunteering on the school parent council, and church board, and then became a director on the Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, president of the Manitoba Organic Alliance and the Agriculture critic for the Green Party of Canada. I am interested in all aspects of farming - the...

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Laverne Lewycky, New Democratic Party NDP

No response given