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Voting History

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The Free Press invited all federal candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, the issues affecting their communities, and what they hope to achieve in office.

Ten questions on the issues: Find out how your opinions compare with the candidates hoping to become your next MP.

The candidates, as people: Would-be MPs introduce themselves to you and describe their backgrounds, what made them decide to run in this election, and how they hope to solve the problems facing your community.


Rylan Reed, Green Party of Canada GRN

I moved to Winnipeg, 21 years ago, after completing my BA at the University of Saskatchewan. I moved to Winnipeg for a $7 an hour internship; within eight years I was working for the federal government (CMHC) in a senior role. I don't believe I could have done that anywhere else in the country. I am deeply indebted to this city and this province for the opportunities it has provided for my family and me. I love this town. I have a wife and four kids; we live in the Templeton-Sinclair area of th...

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Spencer Katerynuk, Christian Heritage Party of Canada CHP

No response given

Raquel Dancho, Conservative Party of Canada CON

Raquel was born and raised to four generations of hardworking Canadian farmers and small business owners. Raquel’s passion for politics began at an early age and led her to pursue an education in Political Science at McGill University. Raquel rose up the ranks within the provincial Government, most notably working for the Cabinet Ministers of Sustainable Development and Sport, Culture, and Heritage. This is where her strong advocacy for Manitobans flourished. Raquel has developed strong, colla...

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MaryAnn Mihychuk, Liberal Party of Canada LIB

I’ve worked as an exploration geologist, prospector, business owner and as an adviser to Canada’s mining industry. I am an experienced public servant, elected 6 times at municipal, provincial and federal levels. I have served in the role of Minister for Industry, Trade and Mines, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Employment Workforce and Labour. I’ve worked as an exploration geologist and as an adviser to Canada’s mining industry.

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Martin Deck, People's Party of Canada PPC

No response given

Evan Krosney, New Democratic Party NDP

Born in Winnipeg at St. Boniface Hospital and I still reside in the city where I've lived my whole life. My Family immigrated to Winnipeg from Ukraine in the 1950's and settled in the North End before moving to Garden City. My Mom was an educator in the Winnipeg School Division mostly in the North part of the city and my dad worked in IT at Great West Life.

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Eduard Hiebert, Independent IND

When a Montreal high-level headhunter some years after I completed my university undergraduate degree interviewed me and asked if I had dyslexia, the best I could do was to ask him what is that? So began my understanding of my ability to do outside the box thinking. Then maybe five years ago when someone counselled me not to write in metaphor as no one understood metaphor, I was deeply puzzled by such a seemingly nonsensical statement despite already having been named an inquisitive kid ...

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