Seine River


The Free Press invited all provincial candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, the issues affecting their communities, and what they hope to achieve in office.

Ten questions on the issues: Find out how your opinions compare with the candidates hoping to become your next MLA.

The candidates, as people: Would-be MLAs introduce themselves to you and describe their backgrounds, what made them decide to run for office, and how they hope to solve the problems facing your community.


Janice Morley-Lecomte, Progressive Conservative, Seine River

I have over 20 years work and volunteer experience in social services; small business owner and was elected the MLA in Seine River in 2016.

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Durdana Islam, New Democratic Party, Seine River

I am passionate, and I am determined to represent the constituents of Seine River. As a single mom, the challenges I have faced are quite common among my constituents – finding affordable childcare or even access to recreational activities for my children. I understand that life is difficult for many of us as everyday working-class families, and I promise to put the needs of my constituents first, whilst fighting for a better future for us all.

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Bryanne Lamoureux, Green, Seine River

No response given

James Bloomfield, Liberal, Seine River

My name is James Bloomfield. I was born in St. Norbert and have lived all my life in Seine River Constituency. I am raising my daughter here and have started my telecom business here. I believe that it is important for citizens to take an active interest in their community and to contribute in some meaningful way to improve communities.

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