St. Vital


The Free Press invited all provincial candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, the issues affecting their communities, and what they hope to achieve in office.

Ten questions on the issues: Find out how your opinions compare with the candidates hoping to become your next MLA.

The candidates, as people: Would-be MLAs introduce themselves to you and describe their backgrounds, what made them decide to run for office, and how they hope to solve the problems facing your community.


Colleen Mayer, Progressive Conservative, St. Vital

I was elected as the new MLA for St. Vital on April 19, 2016. In addition to my duties as MLA, I proudly serve as the Minister of Crown Services. I was elected as a Trustee for the Louis Riel School Division in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. As a Trustee, I has helped strengthen the lives and education of our youngest citizens. This experience has provided further insight into the needs of the community and the importance of education in building a strong and vibrant St. Vital. I saw first-...

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David Sutherland, Manitoba First, St. Vital

No response given

Jeffrey Anderson, Liberal, St. Vital

Our family has been living in St. Vital for the last 10 years and we love being part of its vibrant community. St. Vital has a rich history and deep ethnicity that aligns with our family values of inclusivity. As a civil servant I saw firsthand the changes and confusion that has been created by our current government and while change can be challenging, it does not have to be implemented in a way that is dishonest, disrespectful or unethical.

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Jamie Moses, New Democratic Party, St. Vital

No response given

Elizabeth Dickson, Green, St. Vital

No response given

Baljeet Sharma, Independent, St. Vital

I lived in Winnipeg for about 20 years. Lived and worked here in St.Vital. St.Vital is home now and I got sense of belonging to this neighbourhood. Always felt like working for our community if ever I get a chance. Winnipeg has given so much so I feel it is time to give back to this community. Even in 2018, I ran for City Councillor from St. Vital and there was a very good response, though it was my first time. Therefore, as Provincial Election came in quick succession, so I thought it would be...

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