It’s been more than three months since Cpl. James Hayward Arnal became the 88th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan. But as reporter Selena Hinds, photojournalist Joe Bryksa, and multimedia editor Tyler Walsh discovered, the life and death of the Winnipeg solider continues to reverberate, leaving both pain as well as promise in its wake.

A Mother’s grief

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  • No greater loss

    She runs her fingers over the engraving of her late son’s name – James Hayward Arnal.

  • Shilo–based comrades bid farewell

    Four months after Cpl. James Hayward Arnal made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of Afghanistan, the same soldiers that served with him in his final moments joined together with his family in Winnipeg to say goodbye.

  • Canadian fighter’s view of enemy attack

    James Hayward Arnal, raised in Windsor Park, wanted all his life to be a soldier.

  • His motto was ‘seize the day’

    Wendy Hayward–Miskiewicz has been through the most difficult 42 days anyone could imagine.

  • MB/MB–based soldiers who have died