August 25, 2019


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Sponsorship with the Winnipeg Free Press

Thank you for your interest in the Winnipeg Free Press. We are pleased you have chosen our newspaper to be a partner in your program.

As we receive hundreds of applications a year from various businesses and organizations, The Free Press has implemented a process to pre–qualify applicants for media sponsorship support.

The Marketing Department will evaluate proposals received on a bi–weekly basis and will provide each applicant with a response within 1–2 weeks of application.

Applicants, whose objectives align with those of the Winnipeg Free Press and have successfully pre–qualified, will be contacted for future discussion to see if a mutually beneficial opportunity can be reached before a final decision is made. These applicants will then be notified via phone or e–mail of their successful application at a later date.

Facts about the Winnipeg Free Press:

Promotions Objective:

To partner with businesses that will offer unique ways to reach a new segment or to create new experiences for our current readers through local events and initiatives that align with our editorial focus.

What is important to us:

What we support:

What we ask in exchange:

Key attributes of Winnipeg Free Press readers (average weekday readers):

Our Editorial Focus and Fit:

For additional information, please contact Christa Richard at (204) 697–7064 or