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It's cold out and we just wanna watch some NHLaction already!

Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 14/12/2012 (2797 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

We asked our readers to sent us tweets telling us what they missed most about not having the NHL so far this season. Here are some responses:

Kevin Sigmundson@KevinSig

Winnipeg Jets salute fans after giving them their first win against the Pittsburgh Penguins at the MTS Centre on Oct. 17, 2011/


Winnipeg Jets salute fans after giving them their first win against the Pittsburgh Penguins at the MTS Centre on Oct. 17, 2011/

Do you know how many TV shows there are about women being mean to other women trying to buy a dress? I do now.

Jason W.@jwow777

I don't miss it yet. Looking forward to the World Juniors though. Don't want an NHL/NHLPA agreement to screw that up too.

Jeff Hoeppner@bluebomber6

I miss the buzz you have all day at work, knowing you'll be screaming your lungs out for the Jets at the MTS Ctr that night!


I miss the storylines & progression/momentum. If we have a season, so be it, but it won't have the emotional depth.

Justin W.@Justin_GoJetsGo

Missing the NHL due to the fact we are missing moments. Moments like the first puck drop back in WPG! It was UNREAL!!!

Jay Kuchirka@gojetsgo1984

I miss hockey cuz it's frickin cold out and I just wanna watch a damn jets game!


The MTS Centre was like a second home, and I feel like I've been evicted.

Barney Zedog@BarneyZedog

I miss TRUE NORTH! during the anthem. Great for getting is all feeling warm and fuzzy about our city!

Eric Venn@ericvenn

I miss the excitement I'd feel all day before going to a #Jets home game. There's nothing like the atmosphere in that building.

Bruce Penner@BrucePenner

The good times were flowing in the MTS Centre stands each and every game last season.


The good times were flowing in the MTS Centre stands each and every game last season.

In our society, professional sports is our best alternative to actual war. Without this release, armed conflict is inevitable.


Gary Zanewich@zany57

Because it is a great way to help us through our Winnipeg winters and I LOVE the game. Last winter blew by, this one is dragging


I don't miss the NHL, I miss our Jets! Winter seemed a little bit warmer, a little shorter. Excitement of the city was great!


A winter Saturday night in Winnipeg without Hockey Night in Canada is so sad. I miss both the game & my rituals around it.

Jennifer Monaster@msjenn28

hockey gave me a reason to leave the house and go sit in a bar and meet people. It also made great conversations at work.

Tyler Litke@chieflitke

It brings this city together better than anything or anyone else. Even if its -40, the Jets bring a smile to everyone's face.

Jason Moran@jaymoran74

i miss nhl hockey because it brings family and friends together to cheer on our Jets.


i miss friends coming over 2 watch the games & the excitment that happens around the city.

Gary M@GMAT1955

I miss dropping thousands on season tickets, 20 bucks for a beer and popcorn....and completely thinking it's awesome!

Ken in Winnipeg@ikcotol

I miss the culture of hockey, the conversations, the analysis. And because I'm really come to dislike the word lockout


It cures the winter blues!

travis laing@laingerr

I don't miss it. In fact, a part of me (except for being a Jets fan) hopes the season is gone for the year.

josh crane@JCrane67

walking downtown on game day with all the energy of the jets fans #bestfeelingever.

Ken in Winnipeg@ikcotol

I miss NHL hockey because I am Canadian and that's my sport. I miss the Jets because I haven't got used to them being back yet.

Gord Ransom@BigG_44

I am curious to know if many people do miss NHL. I don't think many do. Will u cover that aspect in your article as well?


I miss NHL hockey because the Jets ties me to Manitoba, makes me miss home a little less, brings us Manitobans in Mtl together.

Mike Thiessen@dynawide05

who cares,cancel the season.


Funnier will be the 30 players making 20 mil/yr while rest of league plays for beer money. Lets see how unified they feel then.

Mike Krebs@SirKrebsington

I miss the atmosphere. The raw emotion that is felt, living and dying with every play. And I actually miss the $8 beers #GoJets


what if we dont? At this point, am hoping for decertification. The resulting chaos will be hysterical.

Bartley Kives@bkives

My world is meaningless and empty without those Moxies commercials on Jets TV.



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