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I have a confession to make

Morning, folks.

About a year ago, I unplugged from cable television. The only thing I was watching on traditional TV was live sports — in particular, the Jets and Bombers. Mostly because I get paid to do that, ha-ha.

Then when the pandemic hit and there were no live sports to watch, I cancelled my streaming subscriptions to TSN and Sportsnet. Like a lot of folks, I went into Netflix mode when we were instructed to stay at home.

When the weather got nice and we were allowed to go outside to play, I pretty much stopped watching TV altogether.

Man, it's been a great summer, weather-wise. (Tossing out the last couple of days)

When the NHL and the Jets returned to play in late July/early August, I re-subscribed to Sportsnet — it's $20 a month, if your're wondering. No, I did not get half back when I cancelled again two weeks later after the Jets were ousted by the Flames.




So, there you have it — I have not watched a single moment of sports since Aug 6. The closest thing to athletics I've watched was Eco-Challenge Fiji on Amazon Prime. In case you haven't seen it, there's a team of Winnipeggers who competed in the event. The True North team of Alex Man and his daughter Becca Aysan-Man; Philip Roadley and his son Logan Roadley; and Jayson Gillespie are truly inspiring to get you off the couch.

I wouldn't typically watch much sports in August anyways — just the Bombers, and well...

But Steve, you're the sports editor — shouldn't you be watching all these games?! Shhhh, the boss might be reading this. I keep up to speed by reading about sports, watching video highlights on a couple of apps and chatting with Mike McIntyre every week during our Jetcetera podcast.

I have been pondering a reboot of Sportsnet. Afterall, the Stanley Cup final will be starting soon and the Jays — except for last night — are kicking the Yankees on a regular basis. The next month of sports should be quite fascinating, with titles to be determined in three major sports leagues. I suppose that's worth $20 and some of my time. What do you think?

I'm curious what you folks have been doing when it comes to watching sports. Please see the poll below, or let me know by replying to this mailing or sending me an email here.

Sunny skies and warmer temps for the rest of the week. Enjoy it while you can!

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What sports have you been watching on TV over the last month or so?

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