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Early bird gets the worm, right?

Happy Saturday, folks.

I'm usually up pretty early in the morning — typically between 6:15 and 6:45.

Today will be no different and I have plans for a lengthy bike ride. The forecast looks perfect — not quite as hot as it's been.

One of my main biking buddies has been laid up for several weeks — first with a sciatica issue and then a quaratine period due to his daughter testing positive for COVID. But, he's been freed from his isolation and sounds like the pain in his back has subsided, so he's going to join me today — on the promise that I keep the pace slow.

Ha! His slow pace is my usual fast pace. Should be a good ride.

I was also up early Friday morning, but I got a little sidetracked from my regular routine.

Thursday before bed, I read on our website that a delivery of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that was set to arrive in Manitoba in the first week of July has been reduced to 32,800 from 83,100 and those of us with scheduled appointments next month — I'm supposed to get my second jab on July 4 — may be given the Moderna vaccine instead.

So Friday morning, I tried calling to see if there were any cancellations this month, thinking maybe I could get in for my second dose of Pfizer before they run out. Early bird gets the worm, right?

Ok, maybe not.

There are available appointments next week — but, the polite and helpful attendant on the line told me they are only offering Moderna at those times.

Hmmm, now I'm not sure what to do. Of course, I read a bunch of articles on the safety of mixing vaccines and later in the day I ask the advice of my boss, who knows more about this stuff than most people I know: I hope you all get his daily COVID briefing.

But now I feel torn: should I just wait for my scheduled appointment in July — and maybe get a Pfizer — or should I take one of those early appointments? Something to ponder on that bike ride, I suppose.

What I have not been doing during my mornings, is watching soccer.

You may recall last week I wrote that I'd never really taken the time to appreciate the sport millions around the world refer to as football, and that I was going to check out the Euros. I even did some research to pick a few teams to cheer for.

Well, what I didn't realize was all the games are on during the day. How the heck am I supposed to watch that?

I work most of the day and I'm certainly not using up a Saturday or Sunday morning in June to watch TV.

Oh well, the teams I was going to cheer for are mostly losing anyways. I can watch the Blue Jays do that.

Maybe another time. Let me know when and if Ireland is ever in one of these things.

Have a great weekend, folks and as always, you can reach me by replying to this mailing or by sending me an email here.

Our Coverage

Back to business: Mike O'Shea surfaced on Friday and Jeff Hamilton has a story on how the Bombers head coach is eager for his players to return for training camp on July 10 and is putting the finishing touches on a plan for what should be a very interesting season ahead.

Mike O'Shea


Mike O'Shea

Green and Gold: Jeff also has a yarn on how the Bombers won't be playing any preseason games, thanks to new rules owing to COVID-19 health protocols, but they will muck it up against their biggest rival before the real games begin.

Kickabout: What I do know about soccer is this — our Jerrad Peters writes beautilly about the game and he has a column today tackling a serious situation in the stands in Hungary.

Ashley Viner (left) trains with her cousin and coach Trisha Sammons.


JOHN WOODS / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Ashley Viner (left) trains with her cousin and coach Trisha Sammons.

In the ring: Andrea Katz has a story on local Muay Thai kickboxer Ashley Viner, who is ranked at the top of her division in Canada and hopes her perseverance, integrity and skills take her to the world championship.

At the Downs: Our resident horse racing writer George Williams has a yarn on Poundmaker Cree Nation jockey Sheldon Chickeness, who is off to a great start this season at the local oval.


My mistake — the Sequel

In Friday's edition of this mailing, I wrote that the Jets had acquired defenceman Jamie Benn at the trade deadline. The local NHL team, in fact, brought in Jamie's brother Jordie.

Thanks to those of you who pointed that out. Nice to know you're following along.

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