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You pick the 2016 Stories of the Year

 As the Free Press newsroom counts down to the end of 2016, we are again counting on our readers to determine the top stories of the year.

Building on the tradition we began in 2013, this annual newspaper rite has been taken out of the hands of our editors and turned over to those who have been reading our front pages and clicking or swiping their way through our digital pages.

Your assignment is to determine the top Free Press stories of the year locally, nationally and internationally, and your deadline is noon on Friday, Dec. 16. 

We've started the process by providing four worthy stories in each of the three categories. But we have also left room for you to nominate your own choice if you feel we have overlooked a worthy story. As well, please feel free to add a coment to explain your choice.

We will close voting Dec. 16 and then announce our readers’ choices of the top stories of 2016 as the year draws to a close.

-Paul Samyn, Free Press editor

1.Local story of the year*
Pallister wins power: Brian Pallister and his Tories end the NDP’s 17-year reign of province  
The Missing: From Cooper Nemeth to Christine Wood to Thelma Krull, the search for those going missing captivates a city 
Patrik Laine: Jets winning No. 2 pick in NHL draft lottery leads loads up team with Finnish sniper who is lighting up the league and a city 
Bell buys MTS: Friendly takover of a piece of Manitoba's telecommunication history in multi-billion dollar deal shakes up industry and consumers  
Other (please specify)
2.National story of the year*
Olympic heroes: Canada’s women shine brightest in Rio  
Alberta wildfires: Fort McMurray burns and the economic ripple effect spreads across the nation  
Out-of-control overdoses: Fentanyl raises deadly alarm bells from coast to coast  
Gord Downie's final encore: Tragically Hip’s farewell tour unites nation while raising issues about indigenous issues  
Other (please specify)
3.International story of the year*
Terror in Europe: From co-ordinated bombings in Brussels to a deadly rampage in Nice to stabbings in Germany, acts of terroism shake a continent  
Unruly Britannia: British Brexit vote to leave EU has nation struggle with referendum's aftermath  
Unprecedented presidential run: Donald Trump disrupts politics and a nation on his way to winning the White House  
Rubble and refugees: Syria's civil war spills more blood, more refugees and more challenges for the global community  
Other (please specify)

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