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  1. Lest We Forget

    Remembering the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, Canada during times of war, conflict and peace.

  2. Vote Canada

    Federal election coverage from Manitoba and across the country.

  3. Mosquito Watch

    What's the skeeter situation in Winnipeg? Find out with our interactive map

  4. Total Body Tune-up

    Six months of diet, exercise and lifestyle advice with personal trainer Tim Shantz

More Special Coverage


Has the ongoing trade dispute between Canada and the U.S. changed your shopping behaviour?

I'm boycotting all American goods and services

I'm avoiding products made in the U.S. where it's practical

I want American products and will continue to buy them

I just buy things - I don't look at where they're made

I don't think a boycott would be effective

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Winnipeg Free Press Weekend Edition

Start the weekend early with all your favourite sections together at once.

We’re rolling our Saturday and Sunday papers into one combined Weekend Edition, available every Saturday morning.

Read it when you want, how you want and enjoy your weekend at your own pace.

A message from the publisher:



Q: What is changing about the Free Press?

A: The Free Press will be delivering an enhanced Weekend Edition to subscribers on Saturday. No paper will be delivered on Sunday.

Q: What will happen to everything I read on Sunday?

A: The new Weekend Edition will include most of the features now available on Sunday – Homes, Books, Faith, Money Matters, in–depth features in a new section called Feed Your Intellect (FYI), double horoscopes, puzzles and comics. There will be two days of reading in the Weekend Edition.

Q: What other changes are there?

A: The Free Press will publish a compact paper – On7 – that has breaking news, sports and entertainment, for single–copy sales on Sunday.

Q: When does it start?

A: The first new Weekend Edition will be delivered October 31st. On7 will launch November 1st.

Q: Why is the Free Press doing this?

A: The paper has seen revenues drop in the past year. We did not want to continue putting less and less in each paper. Consolidating the weekend editions will save money, keep the newspaper strong and protect its quality.

Q: How does this help the Free Press?

A: Delivery costs are the single biggest expense the Free Press has – more than all the reporters, editors and photographers who produce the news, and more than all the newsprint. The Free Press expects to reduce expenses significantly with this move.

Q: What happens to Saturday–Sunday subscribers?

A: Anyone with a Saturday–Sunday subscription will receive only the Weekend Edition.

Q: What happens to prices?

A: The Weekend Edition will cost more –– $2 at newsstands. Weekend subscribers will see prices adjusted according to whether they are Saturday only, or Saturday–Sunday subscribers. Daily subscribers will not see a price decrease, but will have prices frozen for at least the next year.


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