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The 150 Women Trailblazers Award

Presented by: The Nellie McClung Foundation (Manitoba) in partnership with the Winnipeg Free Press

Nellie McClung

She was an orator and an entertainer; she was an author and an advocate; she was a teacher and a legislator. She was a prairie woman who used her talents, determination and energy to bring about change in society. Nellie is best known for two major achievements: being one of the leading women who helped ‘get the vote’ for the women of Manitoba (1916); and as a member of the ‘famous five’ - a group of women who challenged the meaning of the British North American Act and worked to get women declared ‘persons’ rather than property under the law (1929). She was a Trailblazer.

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The 150 Women Trailblazers

Introducing the 150 Women Trailblazer Awards, an opportunity to salute the contributions that Manitoba woman have made to social justice, arts, sports, politics, community activities and promoting democracy while developing this great province.

These Trailblazer Awards will honour Nellie McClung’s vision by recognizing the spirit of her life’s work being advanced by women leaders of today or throughout Manitoba’s history. The 150 Women Trailblazers will be named in conjunction with Manitoba’s 150th anniversary on May 12, 2020 (the 150th Anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province). They will, however, not be time limited to the 150 years of Manitoba as a province. Women who lived in this territory before it was given the name ‘Manitoba’ are eligible.


This is a call to nominate Manitoba women who were Trailblazers: women who were first in their field or who through their work, had a significant impact on their field or community.


A woman, or a collective of women, who have made an impact on the development of Manitoba.

Nominees must have:
  • Worked or volunteered or played a role that was first in their field or had significant impact or outcome on society in Manitoba
  • Demonstrated leadership and acted as a role model
  • Reflected the spirit of Nellie McClung
  • Worked/lived for a significant part of their lives in the territory that is now called Manitoba (please verify this in the application)
  • Nominee (if alive) must agree to nomination
Not Eligible:
  • Women who will be participating in the selection process
Who can nominate:
  • Anyone can nominate
  • Only one nomination per individual or group


  • Oral history and accounts
  • Personal diaries
  • Family genealogies
  • History books
  • Government records
  • Newspapers
  • Community Club minutes, other meeting minutes
  • Birth records

The deadline for submissions is November 29, 2019

Submit a Nominee

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Nominee Information In submitting this nomination, you are agreeing that your nominee meets all the criteria.
High resolution jpeg (may be a drawing in the case of those for who there are no photographic images)
Contact info (if alive)

Nomination Terms: The Winnipeg Free Press / Free Press Newspapers Inc. and The Nellie McClung Foundation are in compliance with all PIPEDA and CRTC regulations concerning privacy and communication. Your information will be retained for the purpose of communicating future messages in regards to your nomination. By submitting a nomination and providing your personal information, you are providing your official consent to allow this. Also, your information will not be sold, bartered, or shared with any other organization. Please click the box below if you agree to proceed under these terms.

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