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February 25, 2020

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Compton wants to improve health care

A local nurse has put her name on a ballot to take care of folks in a new way.

Carla Compton is running for MLA in Tuxedo with the Manitoba New Democratic Party.

Carla Compton is running for MLA in Tuxedo with the Manitoba NDP.


Carla Compton is running for MLA in Tuxedo with the Manitoba NDP.

"As a nurse in the health care system, I’ve been feeling directly some pretty big effects of changes that the Pallister government has brought forth, as well as witnessing with my patient population — the clients and people I serve — the impacts it’s having on their lives," Compton said. "It was reaching a point where I felt I needed to do something more than I was currently doing in my role as a direct care nurse."

For the past nine years, Compton has lived in Winnipeg working as a registered nurse, most recently at St. Boniface Hospital in hemodialysis. This is the first time the 36-year-old has run for elected office and only recently became involved with the Manitoba NDP.

"This is an amazing opportunity to grow my advocacy and serve in a greater way and have an even bigger impact," Compton said. "I also believe in choice, in terms of there being options for constituents to have a choice of who to vote for.

"I  want to connect with my constituents and I’m hoping that should people want to elect me that they know that I’m wanting to build more communication between government and the individual constituents because I feel there is a disconnect," she said.

Compton is running against incumbent MLA Heather Stefanson, who has represented Tuxedo for nearly 19 years under the Progressive Conservative banner.

"I know that sometimes makes people intimidated or not even wanting to step up, and I believe that everyone should have more than one or two choices when it comes to the election," she said.

Compton said she spent most of her childhood growing up in southern Manitoba and Saskatoon, Sask., where she received her nursing education. She decided to return to Winnipeg to be closer to family and friends, and since putting roots down in Tuxedo, has heard from neighbours about environmental issues and health care.

"I’m glad that’s the number one issue for the NDP. Let’s make things work better and lets decrease the chaos and confusion," she said.

"I’ve actually had quite a few questions around climate change," she added. "I absolutely believe in climate change and do feel it’s our responsibility to take action, to do our best to be good stewards of the Earth."

Also running for MLA in Tuxedo are PC candidate Heather Stefanson, Liberal candidate Marc Brandson, Green Party candidate Kristin Lauhn-Jensen, and Manitoba First candidate Abby Al-Sahi. The Manitoba First candidate did not respond to an interview request. The provincial election is Sept. 10.

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