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The kids are back at school, and amateur football is in full swing. That means it’s fall, and winter is soon behind.

As you put away your summer clothes and bring out sweaters and winter wear, give some thought to those less fortunate folks who will have trouble staying warm this winter. Several charities are collecting warm clothing to help homeless people and others with limited financial means. Perhaps there’s a cause that touches you personally. If so, I urge you to give.

Perhaps family members have outgrown last year’s clothes, and there is no one coming up who can use them. Maybe tastes have changed, or you caught a sale that was too good to resist, and you have surplus items. Put those aside.

With winter coming, many recent arrivals to Winnipeg — including Ukrainian refugees — will be in need of warm clothing. Please consider donating.

If you are skilled with knitting and crocheting, consider knitting some mittens and hats for people. My Baba did that for years. She made little hats for babies born prematurely at Children’s Hospital.

Take a group you are involved with, unite forces, and organize a clothing drive or fundraiser where you donate the proceeds to charities so they can provide warm clothes. Or you could buy items with the profits and present those.

One guarantee is that you will have no problem finding organizations in need of everything from warm underwear and socks to winter wear. Several shelters collect to help Winnipeggers who are homeless, while others assist those struggling to stay ahead.

Through my church, we are collecting items to help Ukrainian and Nigerian families prepare for their first Canadian winter. Most have no idea what to expect and are worried, as they have heard horror stories about how cold it gets.

Most of the Ukrainian folks we have helped so far brought no warm clothing if they were lucky to get extra clothing. They had to flee with little notice, with some quickly throwing what they could in a few suitcases before joining the mad rush for borders west.

We’ve all outgrown boots and coats. If they are in good shape, consider donating them. My group is looking for winter coats, pants, boots and mittens, new headwear, socks and thermal underwear. Contact me, and I’ll be happy to arrange a pickup. We’ve set a goal of helping 250 people.

I guarantee you that your generosity will not go to waste.

Tony Zerucha

Tony Zerucha
East Kildonan community correspondent

Tony Zerucha is a community correspondent for East Kildonan. Email him at

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