Advocating for the Chief Peguis Trail extension


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As 2023 begins, we reflect on progress made to date in order to anticipate and shape future priorities. In doing so, I am mindful of fundamental projects that create growth, opportunity, and respect the environment.

One such priority is extending the Chief Peguis Trailwest from Main Street to Brookside Boulevard. There has been tremendous community push for this needed corridor investment for years. As a result, I continued to advocate for the extension in discussions with council colleagues. I am pleased that Mayor Scott Gillingham has committed to this infrastructure investment as a key priority for this council term, and I look forward to collaborating with his office.

With new housing and business development in our area, we must have the infrastructure to support our neighbourhoods. I hear so often from you — and see personally — how our regional and collector streets are over-travelled with vehicles. They are busier than they were ever planned to be and, because of that, they have become less safe for pedestrians and drivers. I am proud of the growth we are seeing in our area, but we must provide the infrastructure necessary to support that growth such as the Chief Peguis Trail extension.

Supplied image

An artist’s rendition of what the McPhillips Street interchange might look like when Chief Peguis Trail is extended west.

The extension would benefit not just our community, but all of Winnipeg. It will help relieve traffic volumes in our core by offering an alternate, higher-speed route for people and commercial vehicles that do not need to stop in the downtown area.

This will take traffic off neighbourhood streets and put it on a roadway built for higher traffic volumes, making existing and new neighbourhoods more accessible for walking, cycling and transit. Right now, short-cutting through residential streets is a problem in northwest Winnipeg.

The Chief Peguis Trail extension will also help open up a trade corridor that’s key to Canada’s domestic, continental, and global movement of goods, and it will produce an estimated total of 2,326 direct and indirect jobs. It will provide quicker access for all of north Winnipeg to the employment lands in the Centreport business zone northwest of the airport. It is also greener to provide uninterrupted traffic flows, requiring far less start-stop traffic movement, reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

We can all help create the momentum to fund this important priority investment.

As always, feel free to reach out to me on topics of concern to you. Stop by my community office at 646 Leila Ave., call me at 204-986-5264, or email

Devi Sharma

Devi Sharma
Old Kildonan ward report

Devi Sharma is the city councillor for Old Kildonan.

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