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December 11, 2018

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We build better communities by informing and entertaining everyone who reads.


As a significant media outlet we have the opportunity and the responsibility to make our mark on the communities that we represent.

Canstar Community News Limited was created in July of 2004 following the purchase of Winnipeg’s community weekly papers and distribution operations in Brandon and Thunder Bay, Ontario by the FP Newspapers Income Fund.

Canstar is a relatively new company in the process of building a very dynamic enterprise. Canstar, is on the path to becoming a leading newspaper and media distribution company.

Canstar publishes five weekly newspapers in Winnipeg – The Herald, The Lance, The Metro, The Sou’Wester and The Times – every Thursday, and The Headliner in the region west of Winnipeg every Friday. Canstar publishes UPTOWN Magazine every Thursday, an alternative weekly entertainment newspaper distributing 17,000 copies within the Winnipeg area. The Prime Times publishes every second Thursday, distributing 10,000 copies targeting mature individuals in the prime of life. These publications are leaders in their respective market niches.

In July, 2004 FPLP completed the acquisition of the community weekly newspapers and advertising distribution businesses from Transcontinental Media. The six weekly newspapers acquired are in the Winnipeg area, and the advertising delivery business operates in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario. Canstar Community News Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of FPLP, operates the acquired businesses. Results of these businesses are consolidated from the July 13, 2004 acquisition date.

In July, 2005 Canstar completed the acquisition of Rosebud Publications Ltd including UPTOWN Magazine and The Prime Times.

FP Newspapers Income Fund

FP Newspapers Income Fund is an unincorporated open–ended limited purpose trust established on May 15, 2002.

FPLP owns and publishes the Winnipeg Free Press, the Brandon Sun and the Canstar community papers. In November 2001, FPLP acquired these newspapers and their related businesses from The Thomson Corporation, and the community papers from Transcontinental Media in July 2004.

In addition to the Canstar Papers, the FP Newspapers Income Fund publishes The Winnipeg Free Press newspaper seven days a week, serving Winnipeg and Manitoba with an average seven–day circulation of approximately 128,000. The Brandon Sun also publishes seven days a week, serving the region with an average circulation of approximately 15,000. Based in Winnipeg, the businesses employ approximately 580 people in Winnipeg and Brandon. Both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Brandon Sun enjoy a history that is closely tied to the communities that they serve. The Winnipeg Free Press, founded in 1872, is the oldest newspaper in Western Canada. The Brandon Sun was founded in 1882, the same year the City of Brandon received its charter.