Young soccer player aims to be the best


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Romeo Ribeiro is an eight-year-old Grade 4 student at Oak Bluff Community School, where he is a very good student who is kind and respectful to other students and to his teachers.

“My teachers are Ms. Martins and Mrs. Bunkowshy. I have great teachers,” Romeo said. “They are nice and they teach me new things. My favourite thing about school is learning new skills and playing with my friends.”

Romeo has sports in his blood and he really enjoys playing soccer, cricket, and baseball.

<p>Supplied photo</p>
                                <p>Romeo Ribeiro hopes that practising with his four sisters will help him develop his soccer skills.</p>

Supplied photo

Romeo Ribeiro hopes that practising with his four sisters will help him develop his soccer skills.

“I like playing a lot of sports. Those three are my favourites though. I like to play them as often as I can. Soccer is my favourite though because I get to score goals and it is the sport I have the very most fun playing,” he said.

When I asked Romeo who his favourite player was his answer was immediate:

“Cristiano Ronaldo and my dad.” Do you beat your dad when you play? “No. Not yet, but one day…”

Romeo lives in west Winnipeg with his dad Carlos, mom Lori, and sisters Felicity, Valecia, Athena and Victoria.

Holy smackers, that’s a lot of sisters Romeo!

“I know, I have a lot of sisters. There are too many of them,” he said, laughing.

Romeo has big dreams and maybe dribbling a soccer ball through those sisters will help him reach it.

“I dream of being the best player ever. If I work real hard and practisee, anything is possible,” he said.

Romeo is dedicated to working hard to reach his dreams, and to surviving all of his sisters. His has this to offer to other athletes:

“Practise makes perfect. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Always keep trying.”

Troy Westwood

Troy Westwood
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Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicker Troy Westwood writes about Winnipeg’s unsung sports heroes every other week in the Canstar Community News weeklies.

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