More support required for Ukrainian refugees


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Despite the war still raging, the provincial government has not mentioned the war in Ukraine or Ukrainian refugees in the budget. It seems as though the provincial government has lost interest in supporting Ukraine since the news cycle has moved past the arrival of refugees. In fact, there has been no new direct support for the past year after the initial investment was announced. Manitoba is even well behind other provinces in offering support, with Alberta even providing $23 million in direct support.

Manitoba has always played a significant role in Ukrainian resettlement to Canada. With more than 180,000 Ukrainian Manitobans, our province has historically been a home for Ukrainians fleeing from war and persecution. Over the years, Ukrainians in Manitoba have strengthened and enriched our culture and economy. They built roads, railways, and businesses, and they enhanced our province by contributing to the cultural, artistic, and political life in Manitoba. Unfortunately though, the province’s support has greatly diminished since the war began.

Many Ukrainians still need support to integrate, but this government has not been interested in helping. Calls from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for full time support workers to help integrate newcomers into Manitoba have been constantly ignored by this government.

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Manitoba must continue to support the refugees that we have welcomed into the province.

More than a month ago I sought a meeting with Minister Ewasko and Minister Reyes, the ministers of education and early childhood learning and labour and immigration, regarding urgent supports needed for Ukrainian students seeking higher education in Manitoba. Many Ukrainian students seeking education beyond high school are faced with a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as a barrier to further opportunities. As of this writing, Minister Reyes has refused to meet, while Minister Ewasko hasn’t even acknowledged the receipt of the letter.

This is yet another example of the government not adequately supporting those who are in most desperate need, and shows that the Progressive Conservatives’ support was only as shallow as anoy of this government’s other intentions.

We must demand better from this government. This province must continue to support the refugees that we have welcomed into the province. They are among the most vulnerable, and the duty is on this government to provide supports for them to prosper here. As always if you have a question for my office, please reach out at 204-421-4241 or

Mark Wasyliw

Mark Wasyliw
Fort Garry constituency report

Mark Wasyliw is the NDP MLA for Fort Garry.

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