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What you need to know

When reached by phone, MLA Cliff Graydon refused to answer questions before hanging up.

Another allegation: The Free Press has learned of another allegation of inappropriate comments made by Tory MLA Cliff Graydon to a female staff member. Two sources say when a staffer told Graydon he had food on his face, he asked whether she would lick it off. Jessica Botelho-Urbanski reports. READ MORE

Suspected slaying: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman today about the suspected killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Despite previous denials, the kingdom may concede the writer was slain at a consulate in Turkey, media reports state. READ MORE


Your forecast: There will be a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 4 C, shifting winds at 30 km/h and a 30 per cent chance of wet flurries beginning early this afternoon.

In case you missed it

Intersection of Portage Ave. and St. Vote Open, the coalition in favour of opening Portage and Main to pedestrians, claims it has a solution to ease traffic flow if the intersection is reopened. The group is proposing opening a north-south transit corridor along Fort St.

Open-minded: Columnist Dan Lett says a proposal to create a transit corridor to reduce traffic at Portage and Main is a “win-win solution” that leaves little “left in the quiver” of those who would keep the intersection closed to pedestrians. READ MORE

Prepared to sell pot: Cannabis reporter Solomon Israel got a look inside the Delta 9 Cannabis store on Dakota Street that’s opening Wednesday, when recreational pot will be legal. READ MORE

What’s happening today

Coun. Ross Eadie has thrown his support behind mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk even though he has doubts about many of her campaign promises.

Call for rate review: Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk is holding a news conference to say she would freeze sewer and water rates while ordering an investigative audit of rate hikes. On Monday, Coun. Ross Eadie endorsed Motkaluk despite saying her campaign promises are unrealistic. Aldo Santin reports. READ MORE

Road-weary foes: The Jets face the Edmonton Oilers, who are playing their final game of a road trip to open the season, at Bell MTS Place at 7 p.m. Winger Brendan Lemieux is expected to make his season debut on Winnipeg’s fourth line, Jason Bell reports. READ MORE

On this date

On Oct. 16, 1953: The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Blue Cross rates were expected to go up, hitting about 140,000 Manitobans. The year had seen record tourist numbers for Canada, with visitors to the country spending $250,000,000. The chief delegate for the Soviet Union to the United Nations said Russia would never agree to a Trieste agreement reached without Russia’s participation. Wild rumours circulated about Princess Margaret’s suitors and who the princess might be in love with; to get to the bottom of the question the Free Press featured a series of articles on the matter. READ MORE

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